Immigration-Related Dissertations, 1999

By Maria Cruz on September 1, 2000

As part of its mission to examine and critique American immigration policy, the Center for Immigration Studies serves as a resource for policymakers, journalists, academics, and others looking for the latest immigration research and news. Through its e-mail news services (CISNEWS and This Week in Immigration), papers, books, and this monthly Backgrounder series, the Center strives to provide in-depth coverage of this complicated issue. The very vastness of the topic, however, means that those involved in one facet of the issue can’t keep up with developments elsewhere. In order to make the task less daunting, the Center continues its annual compilation of doctoral dissertations (plus a few master's theses) exploring some aspect of immigration; this issue lists those completed in 1999. Abstracts of the dissertations listed below can be viewed free of charge through the end of this year (and complete copies obtained for a fee) from ProQuest Digital Dissertations at

Dissertations listings are also available for 1998 and 1997.

For ease of use, the list is organized into categories: Policy/Politics, Migration Process/Networks, Economics/Labor, Acculturation/Ethnicity, Language, Education/Schools, Women/Families, Health, Religion, History, Canada, and Overseas. However, the categories are necessarily subjective and some items could as easily have been listed under a different heading. Therefore, those interested in a particular topic might nonetheless want to peruse the entire list.


The determinants and objectives of an international legal regime for undocumented migrant workers
by Ahmed, Syed Refaat
Tufts University

Sovereigns and smugglers: Enforcing the United States-Mexico border in the age of economic integration
by Andreas, Peter Rich
Cornell University

Inside the Immigration and Naturalization Service: The organizational dynamics of a problem agency
by Barrios, Sharon Annette
Princeton University

Identities, Interests, and Alternative Spaces: A Transnational Perspective on South Asian Political Participation in the United States
by Das Gupta, Monisha
Brandeis University

Immigration enforcement in the United States-Mexico border region, the El Paso case: Bureaucratic power, human rights, and civic activism
by Dunn, Timothy Joseph
University of Texas at Austin

Sanctioning Immigrants: Asian Immigrant and Refuge Women and the Racial Politics of Welfare Reform
by Fujiwara, Lynn H.
University of California, Santa Cruz

Mobilizing International Norms: Domestic Actors, Immigrants, and the State
by Gurowitz, Amy Ilene
Cornell University

Guarded gates: Factor mobility, domestic coalitions, and the political economy of American immigration control
by Kessler, Alan E.
University of California, Los Angeles

The politics of reform: Policymakers and the Immigration Act of 1965
by Koed, Betty Kay
University of California, Santa Barbara

Mexico, Mexican Americans and the FDR administration's racial classification policy: Public policy in place of diplomacy
by Lukens Espinosa, Patrick D.
Arizona State University

A Stranger in the House: American Ambivalence About Immigrant Labor
by Maher, Kristen Hill
University of California, Irvine

Sexuality, power and performance in Guatemala and in United States asylum law
by McClure, Heather Harris
Northwestern University

Immigration beliefs and attitudes: A test of the group conflict model in the United States and Canada
by McIntyre, Chris
University of North Texas

‘Home is the Sailor’: Towards a Theory of Immigration
by Meilaender, Peter Charles
University of Notre Dame

Migration and political activism: Mexican transnational indigenous communities in a comparative perspective
by Rivera-Salgado, Gaspar
University of California, Santa Cruz

Why Proposition 187 Won: Explaining the Success of California’s 1994 Illegal-Immigration Initiative
by Wroe, Andrew J.
University of Essex

Preliminary Effects of the Personal Responsibility Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act on an Urban Texas Immigrant Community
by Zakos-Feliberti, Anna
University of Houston

Migration Process/Networks

Colombian return migration, 1980-1985: Patterns of self-employment, dwelling tenure, size, and quality
by Agostinelli, Gianni
Fordham University

Experience of Undocumented Immigrant Sojourners from the South-Central Region of Brazil, Living and Working in New England
by Amaral, Manobaldo Marcos
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

Making Connections: A Study of the Social Network of Immigrant Professionals
by Bagchi, Ann Dalton
University of Wisconsin - Madison

‘El Hermano Lejano’: The Transnational Space of Salvadoran Migration to the United States
by Baker-Cristales, Beth Felice
University of New Mexico

Border Crossings: Mexican Men and the Sexuality of Migration
by Cantu, Lionel, Jr.
University of California, Irvine

Rooted homelands, routed hostlands: (En)gendered mobility in the South Asian diaspora
by Desai, Jigna
University of Minnesota

'Absent ones who are always present': Migration, remittances, and household survival strategies in Guatemala
by House, Krista Lynn
Queen's University at Kingston

Domestic, international and intergenerational Andean networks of labor migration, 1940-1996
by Julca, Alex
New School for Social Research

Migration and the politics of support: The dynamics of gender and life stages in the development of transnational social networks
by McArdle, Theresa Mary
The University of Michigan

Migrant trajectories in a transborder context: Decision-making processes and cross-border linkages in Ciudad Juarez and El Paso
by Newby, Cassie Alison
The University of Texas at Austin

Return migration from Mexico: Theory and evidence
by Orrenius, Pia Margareta
University of California, Los Angeles

Those That Fled ‘La Crisis’: Guatemalan Migrants to the United States, 1980-1996
by Rincon, Alejandra
University of Houston

Different paths, same destination United States-bound Nicaraguan and Cuban migration in a comparative perspective
by Rodriguez, Margarita
University of Miami

Migration Patterns and its Revolving Door of Who Goes, Who Stays, and Why? Leads Many to the Realization of: ‘Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore’
by Tomes, Loretta Marie Gerecke
Prescott College

The migratory process of Brazilians living in Los Angeles: An analysis of subjective experiences
by Zaborowski, Denise Lemos
The Wright Institute


The Labor Market Outcomes of Undocumented and Documented Immigrants: A Social Capital and Human Capital Comparison
by Aguilera, Michael Bernabe
State University of New York at Stonybrook

Hispanic elderly immigrants in Los Angeles: The effects of the welfare reform on quality of life
by Blanco-Pereira, Gonzalo
California State University, Dominguez Hills

Assimilation, human capital, and earnings of minorities in the United States in relation to social context: A multilevel analysis of economic attainment of Chinese workers
by Dan, Hong
Texas A&M University

Essays on Labor Market Discrimination and Job Stability
by Bansak, Cynthia Anderson
University of California, San Diego

International Migration, Trade, and Investment: Complementary or Substitutionality
by Hassan, Munir
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

The Occupational Attainment of Caribbean Immigrants in the United States, Canada, and England
by Heron, Melonie P.
Pennsylvania State University

The impact of immigration on low-skilled natives
by Johannsson, Hannes
Colorado State University

Origins and Destinies: Earnings and Occupational Status Attainments Among Asian, Hispanic, and Non-Hispanic White Immigrants
by Karas, Jennifer Allison
Cornell University

Three Essays on Migration
by Key-Hernandez, Ramon Ernesto
University of Colorado, Boulder

Structuration of international contract labor migration: A comparative analysis of overseas migrant workers in South Korea and Mexican braceros in the United States
by Kim, Joon Kium
University of California, Berkeley

Modeling the Welfare Participation of United States Immigrants
by Klopfenstein, Kristin Mary
University of Colorado, Boulder

Race, Space, and the Employment of Less-Educated Immigrants and Natives
by Lichter, Michael Ira
University of California, Los Angeles

Three Essays on the Role of Skills and Education in Immigration and Self-Employment
by Lofstrom, Magnus Jens
University of California, San Diego

Participation in informal labor markets: Evidence from unauthorized Latina immigrants in Los Angeles County
by Marcelli, Pascale Marie
University of Southern California

Buscando El Gasto, Tzintzuntzeno Immigrant Income-Generating Strategies
by Samiento, Socorro Torres
University of California, Irvine


Juggling Two Worlds: Ethnic Identity of Korean-American College Students
by Ahn, Hue-Sun
University of Pennsylvania

Creating ‘Vietnamerican’ Discourse: Ethnic Identity Construction in the English-as-a-Second-Language Classroom
by Allendoerfer, Cheryl Margaret
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Creating continuity across borders: Reconfiguring the spaces of community, state, and culture in Guerrero, Mexico and Chicago
by Boruchoff, Judith A.
University of Chicago

Traveling the middle path: The cultural epistemology of success, a case study of three Cambodian families
by Canniff, Julie G.
Harvard University

Psychosocial correlates of acculturation among Cuban-Americans
by Casares, Luly Maria
George Washington University

Social Contexts, Adolescent Misconduct, and Psychological Adjustment Among Chinese-American and Filipino-American Adolescents
by Chan, Raymond W.
University of Virginia

Acculturation and the Korean-American decision to place a parent in a nursing home
by Chang, Helen Hong
California State University, Long Beach

Acculturation and control strategies in Chinese-Americans
by Cheng, Janice Elaine
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology

Immigrant identities: A discourse analysis of narratives told by Mexicans in the United States
by De Fina, Anna
Georgetown University

Working the Boundaries, Making the Difference: Race and Space in Mexican Chicago
by De Genova, Nicholas Paul
University of Chicago

Immigrant Identity Formations: Between Cultures, Nations, and Politics
by Drzewiecka, Jolanta Alicja
Arizona State University

Mexican migrant workers: Are they the image of a global village?
by Gardner, Keri Joann
University of Calgary

An ecological investigation of Hmong refugees' participation experiences in multiethnic communities
by Goodkind, Jessica Rose
Michigan State University

Across generations: The persistence of ethnicity among Punjabi Indian-Americans
by Gupta, Sangeeta Rani
University of California, Los Angeles

Ascertaining the Relationship of Acculturation and the Perception of Psychological Stress, Self-Concept, and Locus of Control Among Vietnamese Refugees and Immigrants
in the United States of America
by Ha, Cynthia Krstic
Kent State University

Urban Pioneers: Continuity and Change in the Ethnic Communities in Two Denver, Colorado Neighborhoods
by Hunt, Rebecca Ann
University of Colorado, Boulder

Ethnic variation in outdoor recreation use: The case of Asian immigrants
by Jeong, Woo Cheol
Pennsylvania State University

Meaning of migration, gender and identities in the lives of Asian Indian women: An exploratory study
by Kumar, Meeta Aggarwal
University of Pennsylvania

Narrating Americanization: Space and form in United States immigrant writing, 1890-1927
by Kvidera, Peter James
University of Washington

Russian immigrant use of, attitudes toward and satisfaction with immigration, acculturation and support services in Greater Los Angeles
by Mertz, Marlen Barbara
California State University, Long Beach

Imigrantes Brasileiros nos Estados Unidos: Trajetorias de identidades em uma situacao de bilinguismo
by Mota, Katia Maria Santos
Brown University

The space in-between: The ambivalence of early Arab-American writers
by Najjar, Nada
The University of Toledo

Promises to keep: The acculturation of Vietnamese Americans
by Newman, Ann Dickson
Georgia State University

The adaptation of Ethiopian political refugees in New York City (1985-1995)
by Ornguze, Emmanuel Daniel
New School for Social Research

'Wherever I go I will be a loyal American': Democracy and dissonance in the lives of Seattle's Nisei
by Pak, Yoon K.
University of Wisconsin

Stages of acculturation: Identity resolution in recent Hispanic memoirs and fiction
by Pardo, Madeleine, MA
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Acculturation and mental health of immigrant Asian Indian women
by Prabhakar, Sunita
University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Galveston

Ethnic vitality among Asian-Americans and Hispanics: Do places matter?
by Purkayastha, Bandana
University of Connecticut

'The self I toil over': The expression of cultural identity in the lifewritings of four contemporary immigrants to the United States
by Roche, Susan
The Union Institute

'Palaces of pain': Arenas of Mexican-American dreams. Boxing and the formation of ethnic Mexican identities in twentieth-century Los Angeles
by Rodriguez, Gregory Steven
University of California, San Diego

The relationships among acculturation style, family functioning, and adolescent psychopathology and competence in nonimmigrant and immigrant Dominicans
by Rodriguez, Miguelina Mercedes
Columbia University

Immigrants and the process of becoming American
by Samsom, Diana
The University of North Carolina at Asheville

Americanization: A Dominican immigrant's autobiographical study of cultural and linguistic learning
by Santana, Jocelyn
New York University

The Persistence of British Ethnicity: British War Brides in the United States of America
by Sidlow, Christina Maestre
San Jose State University

Patchwork creations: Acculturation and resistance in contemporary immigrant fiction
by Sultana, Rebecca
Texas Christian University

An auto-photographic, naturalistic investigation of the adjustment of refugees from the former Soviet Union to life in the United States
by Sustik, Anne
Loyola University of Chicago

Relationship of acculturation to ethnic identity in Vietnamese-American college students
by To, Leslie Thuy-Lan
California School of Professional Psychology - Los Angeles

Ethnic identity, assimilation, and racial attitudes of people of Japanese heritage in the United States and Brazil: A comparative analysis
by Toyota, Hiroyuki
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Acculturation, Ethnic Identity, and Psychological Functioning Among Immigrant and First Generation Armenian Young Adults
by Yaralian, Tara
Pepperdine University

Persian-English codeswitching patterns and their relation to the acculturation process of Iranians living in the United States of America
by Zafaranian-Sharpe, Neda, EdD
University of Houston

Huejuquillense immigrants in Chicago: Culture, gender, and community in the shaping of consciousness
by Zamudio, Patricia E.
Northwestern University

Transplanting Identity: A Study of Chinese Immigrants and the Chinese Restaurant Business
by Zhang, Jie
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


The strange career of bilingual education: A history of the political and pedagogical debate over language instruction in American public education, 1890-1990
by Blanton, Carlos Kevin
Rice University

Culture within and around: The language learning stories of adult ESL learners in a cross-cultural, immersion setting
by Calvin, Lisa Michelle
Indiana University

Yugoslavian Immigrant Women Learning English
by Freeman, Karen Lynn
University of Lethbridge

The Transience of American Swedish
by Klintborg, Staffan
Lunds Universitet (Sweden)

Language maintenance and language shift among second-generation Hmong teenagers
by Lee, Pao
University of San Francisco

The sociolinguistic construction of self in the life stories of illegal Chinese immigrants
by Parker, Marjorie Wilma
Georgetown University

Dancing on a moving carpet: Gifted bilingual immigrant students' perceptions and experiences
by Thomas, Shirley
George Mason University


Cultural Pluralism and the Americanization of Immigrants: The Role of Public School and Ethnic Communities, Baltimore, 1890-1920
by Bonvillain, Dorothy Guy
American University

The transference of educational values within an Okinawan immigrant family to Hawai'i
by Bostwick, Barbara J. N.
California State University, Long Beach

A Descriptive Study of Mexican Immigrant Women in an ESL/Citizenship Continuing Education Program in a South Texas Border City
by Garcia, Myrna Ilia
Texas A&M University

Somali refugee perceptions of factors impacting the learning of their children in high schools
by Good, Mohamed Farah Ahmed
University of Massachusetts

The literacy experience of Caribbean immigrants in American schools: Case study of a Jamaican pupil
by James, Ioney
State University of New York at Albany

Characteristics and practices of recent Mexican immigrant families of secondary students experiencing high and low levels of success in school: A comparative study
by Jasso Martinez, Juan Antonio
The University of Texas at Austin

Race-gender matters: Schooling among second-generation Dominicans, West Indians and Haitians in New York City
by Lopez, Nancy
City University of New York

Teacher’s Receptions of the Academic and Language Needs of Deaf Immigrant Students: An Exploratory Survey
by Lummer, Lewis Samson
Lamar University, Beaumont

Influences of social networks on the school experiences of children of Haitian immigrants to the Tampa Bay area
by Ngana-Mundeke, Annie
University of South Florida

Dancing on a Moving Carpet: Gifted Bilingual Immigrant Students’ Perceptions and Experiences
by Thomas, Shirley
George Mason University


Aliens Within: Immigrants, the Feminine, and American National Narrative
by Bjornsson, Nina Gudrun
University of Arizona

Adaptation Among Haitian Immigrant/Refugee Women in the United States
by Cedeno-Zamor, Patricia Monica
Boston College

Social Service Awareness and Utilization by Elderly Filipino Immigrants: Implication for Service Needs
by David-Samala, Susan Jorge
California State University, Long Beach

Changing Gender Roles: Brazilian Immigrant Families in the United States
by Debiaggi, Sylvia Dantas
Boston University

Chaldean Immigrant Women, Gender, and Family
by Gallagher, Barbara George
Wayne State University

Meanings of family strength voiced by Somali immigrants: Reaching an inductive understanding
by Heitritter, Dianne Lynn
University of Minnesota

Migration, modernity, and Mexican marriage: A comparative study of gender, sexuality and reproductive health in a transnational community
by Hirsch, Jennifer Sue
The Johns Hopkins University

Perceptions of domestic violence among Russian immigrants in Los Angeles
by Martin, Marina, MSW
California State University, Long Beach

Filial expression across geographic boundaries: Asian Indian immigrants to the United States and their non-immigrant parents
by Miltiades, Helen B.
University of Massachusetts at Boston

Korean immigrant mothers' attitudes toward child physical abuse: An ecological perspective
by Park, Myung Sook
University of Texas at Austin

Mediating nationalist and gendered identities: An analysis of Asian Indian immigrant women's readings of popular Indian cinema
by Ram, Anjali
Ohio University

The social reproductive labor of Filipina transmigrant workers in Southern California: Caring for those who provide elderly care
by Tung, Charlene
University of California, Irvine

Dominican women 'con un pie aqui y el otro alla': International migration, class, gender and cultural change
by Weyland, Karin
New School for Social Research

Immigrants on the front line: Korean military brides in America, 1950-1996
by Yuh, Ji-Yeon
University of Pennsylvania

The impact of resettlement on occupational roles and daily living: A study of Laotian refugees living in south suburban Chicago
by Zoerhof, Linnay Paige
Rush University, College of Nursing


Predictors of mental health among Central American immigrants
by Asner, Kimberly Kaye
George Washington University

Cultural Sensitization and Clinical Guidelines for Mental Health Professionals Working with Afghan Immigrant/Refugee Women in the United States
by Aziz, Nahid
United States International University

The impact of language and culture on health care
by Bryant, Dorothy Elaine
University of San Francisco

Prevalence of psychiatric symptoms and their relation to acculturation among Dominican-American children (ages 11-14)
by Casares-Webber, Maria Elvira
New York University

Predictors of Psychosocial Well-Being in an Asian-American Sample: Acculturation, Intergenerational Conflict, and Parent-Child Relationships
by Dinh, Kanh Thi
University of Washington

Effects of acculturation, leisure benefits, and leisure constraints on acculturative stress and self-esteem among Korean immigrants
by Kim, Chulwon
Texas A&M University

Sensitivity, knowledge, and skills prerequisites of provision of culturally competent care to Mexican migrant farmworkers: A Delphi study
by Kim-Godwin, Yeoun Soo
University of South Carolina

Trends in and predictors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug-resistant disease in Maryland, 1990-1996
by Mukasa, Leonard Ntaate
University of Maryland at Baltimore

Cross-cultural determinants of depression among Southeast Asian Indian immigrants in the United States
by Sah, Sushil Lawrence
University of Detroit Mercy

Predictors of female and male condom use among Central American immigrant women in Los Angeles, California
by Salabarria-Pena, Yamir
Loma Linda University

Help-seeking behaviors by Korean immigrants for their depression
by Shin, Jinah Kim
Columbia University

Women’s Health Advocacy: A Qualitative Study of Community Health Work Among Latina Immigrants in East Los Angeles
by Staunton, Anne Denise
University of California, Los Angeles


Enhancing the personal prayer life through the school of prayer in the Korean immigrant church
by Choi, Dong Hoon
Oral Roberts University

The Korean immigrant church: A case study of religion and ethnicity
by Kim, Gye Ho
Drew University

The Effects of Assimilation Within the Korean Immigrant Church: Intergenerational Conflicts Between the First and the Second Generation Korean Christians in Two Chicago Suburban Churches
by Kim, Jason Hyungkyun
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

The Church Community: Korea and New York
by Park, Hea-Young
Columbia University

A comparative study of Indian theological students who return to India or remain in the United States
by Wang, Solomon
The University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Developing and implementing a Christian marriage enrichment program for Chinese immigrants
by Wu, David Jihyoung
Asbury Theological Seminary


‘What? The Mexicans, Americans?’: Race and Ethnicity, Mexicans in Chicago, 1916-1939
by Arrendondo, Gabriela Flannery
University of Chicago

Picturing Ourselves: Photographs of Belgian Americans in Northeastern Wisconsin, 1888-1950
by Berlier, Monique
University of Iowa

It Was More Than Nourishment, It Was More Than Sustenance: A Study of the Importance of Food to the Lives of Southern Italian Immigrant Women in Chicago, 1880-1930
by Chesen, Judy Arlis
Miami University (Ohio)

The Other Polonia: Polish Rural Settlements in Central and Northern Wisconsin, 1850-1920
by Ciemniewski, Dariusz Aleksander
Marquette University

Fluid identities: East European immigrant narratives in turn-of-the-century America
by Coklin, Ljiljana
The University of Western Ontario

Green Gold to the Emerald Shores: Irish Immigration to the United States and Transatlantic Monetary Aid, 1854-1923
by Doan, Robert Alan
Temple University

From Canton Ticino to County of Sacramento: An Historical Ethnography of a Migrant Italian-Swiss Population
by Furnis, Carol Lynn
University of Nevada, Reno

‘Savage Gentlemen’: Filipinos and Colonial Subjectivity in the United States, 1903-1946
by Hawley, Charles Valencia
University of Iowa

Reconstructing a History of Spanish Immigration in West Virginia: Implications for Multicultural Education
by Hildalgo, Thomas Gene
University of Massachusetts

The transplanting of Roedinghausen: A case study of German chain migration to two communities in the American Midwest
by Knigga, Larry William
The University of Toledo

Imagined burdens: Lithuanian ethnicization on an American industrial frontier, 1870-1894
by Kokolus, John Joseph
Temple University

'¿Que son los ninos?': Mexican children along the United States-Mexico border, 1880-1930
by Leyva, Yolanda Chavez
University of Arizona

'Jurgis acquires the reading habit': Language and literacy in early Lithuanian-American immigrant life
by Markelis, Daiva Maria
University of Illinois at Chicago

Spot the Hyphen? Representations of Immigrants and Members of Ethnic Groups in Illustrated Newspaper and Magazine Stories, 1880-1925
by Natanson, Barbara Orbach
University of Maryland, College Park

Jewish chicken farmers in the egg basket of the world: The creation of cultural identity in Petaluma, California, 1904-1954
by Naftaly, Phillip R.
New School for Social Research

Hidden Cosmos: The Life-Worlds of Polish Immigrants in Two Minnesota Communites, 1875-1925
by Radzilowski, John Thaddeus
Arizona State University

'United to support, but not combined to injure': Free workers and immigrants in Richmond, Virginia, during the era of sectionalism, 1847-1865
by Steger, Werner H.
George Washington University

Black empire: The making of Black transnationalism by West Indians in the United States, 1914 to 1962
by Stephens, Michelle Ann
Yale University

All Americans: The Politics of Citizenship in Providence, 1840 to 1940
by Sterne, Evelyn
Duke University

Migration, family, and gender: A longitudinal analysis of French-Canadian immigrants in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1900--1920
by Takai, Yukari
Universite de Montreal

Images of the Unwelcome Immigrant: Chinese-Americans in American Periodicals, 1900-1924
by Tam, Shirley Sui Ling
Case Western Reserve University

Arguing Americanization: The rhetoric of native-born Americans and Italian immigrants, 1900--1930
by Trasciatti, Mary Anne
University of Maryland College Park

Taking root on rocky soil: Slovak settlement on Pittsburgh's South Side, 1880-1920
by Triebs, Samuel Kimball
Duquesne University

Ambivalent Americans: Selected Spanish-language newspapers' response to Anglo domination in Texas, 1830-1910
by Walraven, Edward Lee
Texas A&M University

Domesticating the Immigrant: California’s Commission of Immigration and Housing and the Domestic Immigration Policy Movement, 1910-1945
by Woo-Sam, Anne Marie
University of California, Berkeley

Immigrants on the Front Line: Korean Military Brides in America 1950-1996
by Yuh, Ji-Yeon
University of Pennsylvania


Re-Presenting Diasporic Difference: Images of Immigrant Women by Canadian Women Artists, 1912-1935
by Adley, Allyson Sarah
Concordia University

L'immigration et la communaute d'accueil: Le cas du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
by Alonso Coto, Miriam
Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi

Resilience and health: Salvadoran refugee women in Manitoba
by Bowen, Sarah Jane
The University of Manitoba

The cancer experiences of Chinese immigrants to Canada
by Cheng, Agnes
University of Alberta

Immigrant Minorities’ Stories: A Narrative Analysis
by Chindalo, Pannel
York University

'Des quebecois importes et leurs niches economiques': L'immigration et l'expression de l'ethnicite dans les pratiques economiques des portugais independants du Quebec
by Fonseca, Felix
Universite Laval

The differential incorporation of racial minority youths: Indo-Caribbean, Afro-Caribbean and Punjabi Sikh teens in Toronto and surrounding areas
by Gobin, Denise
University of Toronto

Humanitarian, M.D.: Dr. Peter H. Bryce's contributions to Canadian federal Native and immigration policy, 1904-1921
by Green, Adam J., MA
Queen's University at Kingston

A general model of refugee migration: Home, displacement, and host-related factors in the resettlement of Somali refugees in Ottawa
by Gwynne-Vaughan, Stephen
Carleton University

English Caribbean immigrant entrepreneurs in Montreal
by Hall, Margaret-Ann
Concordia University

The impacts of the non-recognition of credentials: Evidence from fourteen highly qualified immigrants in Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
by Kirby, Shirley Connie
University of Cakgary

Asian minorities in Canada: Focusing on Chinese and Japanese people
by Lee, Jeong Mi
University of Toronto

Is it time to leave yet? A study on recent Hong Kong immigrants
by Li, Kar-Wing
The University of Western Ontario

Dilemmas in Cooperative Learning: Chinese Students in a Canadian School
by Liang, Xiaoping
University of British Columbia

Des neo-Canadiens integres: Les Portugais de Hull
by Martin, Rozenn Marguerite
University of Ottawa

Les relations interculturelles entre les immigrants d'origine senegalaise et la population d'accueil quebecoise: Jalons d'une analyse des systemes de representation et des strategies d'integration
by Ndoye, Amadou
Universite Laval

Domestic determinants of foreign policy: Newly immigrated ethnic communities and the Canadian foreign policy-making process, 1984-1993
by Norton, Roy Brent
The Johns Hopkins University

'Community', adaptation, and the Vietnamese in Toronto
by Pfeifer, Mark Edward
University of Toronto

Education and Integration of Immigrant Minorities: A Case Study of the Haitian Community in Quebec
by Pompilus, Leopold
Concordia University

The social resources of immigrants: Effects on the integration of independent and family class immigrants to Toronto, Canada from South Asia
by Potter, Stephanie Melissa
University of Toronto

Adjustment experiences of Taiwanese 'Astronauts' Kids' in Canada
by Shih, Chen-Chen
University of Alberta

Ethnic identity and the perceptions of Indo-Canadian students in their relation to Canadian culture
by Spink, Valerie Jacinte
University of Alberta

Changes in Parenting for Chinese New Immigrant Families and the Implications for Social Service Delivery Systems
by Wang, Hong
University of Manitoba

Global migration and transformation among Canadian pentecostals
by Wilkinson, Michael
University of Ottawa

Towards a family model of the labour market behaviour of immigrants: Estimates of a discrete choice dynamic programming model
by Yeung, Raymond Yue-ting
Queen's University at Kingston


Responsibility in transition: A study of refugee law and policy in Sweden
by Appelqvist, Maria Eva E.
Umea Universitet (Sweden)

Between Argentines and Arabs: The writing of national and immigrant identities
by Civantos, Christine Elsa
University of California, Berkeley

'Big wages, glorious climate and situations guaranteed': A study of the migration of Irish women to Great Britain for the period 1861 to 1911
by English, Tracy Madonna
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Gender, jobs and geographic origin of Australian immigrants
by Flanagan, Annette F.
University of North Texas

The formation of Australian national identity: The contribution of modern women's, immigrant and Aboriginal theatre and drama
by Foy, Kathryn Elizabeth
University of Hawaii

Becoming German: Immigration, Conformity, and Identity Politics in Wilhelminian Berlin, 1880-1914
by Garris, Charles Robert
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The adaptation of migrants in transference from country of origin to Brazil
by Harr, Cynthia Rae Bens
University of Texas at Arlington

Half a Life: Social Space and Nation in the Settlement of Salvadorian Refugees in Costa Rica
by Hayden, Bridget Anne
University of Michigan

Migration, health and diabetes mellitus: Studies comparing foreign-and Swedish-born diabetic subjects living in Sweden
by Hjelm, Katarina Gerda
Lunds Universitet (Sweden)

Migration, Trade, and ‘Globalization’: French Politics and Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
by Hughes, Sarah Mercedes
Northwestern University

Enemy alien politics within the Russian Empire during World War I
by Lohr, Eric John
Harvard University

Outsiders Moving In: Identity and Institutions in Japanese Responses to International Migration
by Pak, Katherine Tegtmeyer
University of Chicago

Selecting Immigrants: Nationalism and National Identity in South Africa’s Immigration Policies, 1910-1998
by Perberdy, Sally Ann
Queen’s University at Kingston

New Lives: Migration, Fertility Transition, and Life Course Change Among Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants in Israel
by Phillips Davids, Jennifer
Emory University

Ireland in transition: Economic development and international migration, 1980-1997
by Powell, Scott Brady
Brown University

Defining Communities: The Nation, The Firm, The Neighborhood, and Japanese-Brazilian Migrants in Japan
by Roth, Joshua Hotaka
Cornell University

Acculturation and language learning: Filipina wives in a rural Japanese village
by Scully, Etsuko
University of Washington

Projects of culture: An ethnographic episode in the life of migrant youth in Berlin
by Soysal, Levent
Harvard University

International theories of cooperation: Prospects for a common European migration policy governing entry rules for TCNs
by Thouez, Colleen V.
Fletcher School of Law And Diplomacy (Tufts University)

Strange Bedfellows: How Labor Union Leaders and Employers Find Common Ground on Immigration in Spain, Italy, and France
by Watts, Julie Renee
New York University

Japanese immigrant agroforestry in the Brazilian Amazon: A case study of sustainable rural development in the Tropics
by Yamada, Masaaki
University of Florida

Towards a family model of the labour market behaviour of immigrants: Estimates of a discrete choice dynamic programming model
by Yeung, Raymond Yue-ting
Queen's University at Kingston