Immigration-Related Dissertations, 1998

By Joseph King on July 1, 1999

As part of its mission to examine and critique American immigration policy, the Center for Immigration Studies serves as a resource for policymakers, journalists, academics, and others looking for the latest immigration research and news. Through its e-mail news services (CISNEWS and This Week in Immigration), papers, books, and this monthly Backgrounder series, the Center strives to provide in-depth coverage of this complicated issue. The vastness of the topic, however, means that those involved in one facet of the issue can't keep up with developments elsewhere. In order to make the task less daunting, the Center has compiled a list of doctoral dissertations completed in 1998 exploring some aspect of immigration.

Full abstracts can be seen, and complete copies obtained for a fee, from ProQuest Digital Dissertations at

For ease of use, the list is organized into categories: Policy, Economy/Demography, Acculturation/Ethnicity, Language, Education/Schools, Health, Women's Issues, The Elderly, Religion, History, Non-U.S. Immigration, and Family.

However, the categories are necessarily subjective: The dissertation entitled "The Global Servants: (Im)migrant Filipina Domestic Workers in Rome and Los Angeles" could as easily have been listed under Women's Issues as under Economy/Demography. Therefore, those interested in a particular topic might nonetheless want to peruse the entire list.


California Dreaming: Operation Gatekeeper and the Social Geographical Construction of the 'Illegal Alien' Along the United States-Mexico Boundary
By Nevins, Joseph M.
University of California, Los Angeles

Confronting Migration at Home and Abroad: The Security Implications of Large-Scale Population Movements for the United States
By Roney, Alexander Thomas
American University

Controlling of Illegal Immigration: A Trade Theoretic Approach
By Fregoso, Helena Fabiola Gaytan
University of Essex (UK)

Determinants of Refugee Production: An Exploratory Analysis
By Zottarelli, Lisa Katherine
University of North Texas

Policy Networks and Resources Dependencies: Third World Governments, International Organizations and Refugee Policy Making
By Jesse, Jolene Kay
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Work Stress Among Immigration and Naturalization Officials
By Avila, Jerardo
Texas A&M University-Kingsville


The Dynamics of Immigrant Welfare Receipt: An Examination of AFDC Spell Exit Rates by Nativity, Language, Immigration Status, and Length of United States Residence
By Clune, Michael Scott
University of California, Berkeley

Essays on Immigration and Development
By Urrutia, Carlos
University of Minnesota

The Export of Womanpower: A Transitional History of Filipino Nurse Migration to the United States
By Choy, Catherine Ceniza
University of California, Los Angeles

The Global Servants: (Im)migrant Filipina Domestic Workers in Rome and Los Angeles
By Parrenas, Rhacel Salazar
University of California, Berkeley

The Hands Behind the Apple: Farm Women and Work in North Central Washington
By Qazi, Joan Aileen
University of Washington

Identifying and Acquiring Information Needed to Work Successfully without Formal Training: Perceptions of Selected Immigrant Latino Workers in Texas
By Vaccaro, Georgiana Chenault
Texas A&M University

Immigrant Earning, Language and Location: Haitian, Cuban and Jamaican Men in the United States and Canada
By Toussaint, Maude
University of Illinois at Chicago

Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Opportunity Structure and Intergroup Relations
By Lee, Jee-Young Jennifer
Columbia University

In the Shadow of the Silicon Valley: Mexican Immigrant Workers in a Low-Income Barrio in San Jose
By Zlolniski, Christian
University of California, Santa Barbara

Inter-Ethnic Competition, Enclave Economies, and the Occupational Attainment of Latin American Workers
by Bohon, Stephanie Anne
Pennsylvania State University

The Migration of Lebanese Professionals to the United States: Why They Left Lebanon and Why They Are Staying in the United States
By Fatfat, Mounzer Rafaat
University of Pittsburgh

National and Regional Effects of Immigration on the Employment Outcomes of Native Workers
By Blackstone, Tanja Frances
University of Mississippi

Regional Labor Market Dynamics and Net Migration
By Hojvat-Gallin, Joshua
University of Chicago

Social Context and Labor Force Participation of Hispanic Immigrant Women
By Nogle, June Marie
Cornell University


Acculturation and Academic Achievement of Mexican-American Adolescents in the Rio Grande Valley
By Moody-Kury, Gloria
University of Houston

Acculturation and Family Functioning Among Immigrant Filipino Families
By Caliboso, Sarah Librando
California State University, Long Beach

Acculturation and Gender Role Attitudes as Related to Acculturative Stress in Iranian Immigrant Women
By Kerendi, Farnaz S.
California School of Professional Psychology- Los Angeles

Acculturation and Social Skill Development Among Chinese Immigrant Families
By Chen, Yue-Ching
Loyola University of Chicago

Acculturation of a Mexican-American Male Population and Gender Role Conflict
By Leka, Gary Evan
University of Texas - Pan American

Anger and Culture Among a Group of Colombian Immigrants, Non-Immigrant Colombians, and European-Americans
By Yussef, Marcela Beatriz
St. John's University (New York)

Attachment to Childhood Places in Adult Memory and Brazilian Immigrants Sense of Well Being in the United States of America
By De Sa, Joao Menezes
University of Massachusetts

The Changing Face of Japanese America: The Making and Remaking of Race in the Japanese-American Community
By King, Rebecca Chiyoko
University of California, Berkeley

Collective Self-Esteem as Related to Acculturation and Commitment to School in Latino and Southeast Asian Immigrant and Refugee Adolescents
By Borek, Nicolette Theresa
The George Washington University

A Comparative Analysis of Acculturation and Learning Styles of Mexican-American Adults
By Sanchez, Albert Alonzo
University of Idaho

Delinquent Citizens: Nation and Identity in Chicano/a and Puerto Rican Urban Narratives
By Brown, Monica Alexandria
Ohio State University

Ethnic Identity and Inter-group Communication Among Korean Americans and Vietnamese Americans in Oklahoma
By Chung, Leeva Chiliing
University of Oklahoma

Ethnic Media and Their Effects on Acculturation of Immigrants to the United States: A Study of Korean Immigrants in Los Angeles
By Im, Austin Hyoung Jun
California State University, Fullerton

Ethnicity...It Just Won't Go Away. The Resilience of Ethnicity Through Practices of Assimilation: Lao Refugees in a Midwest Community
By Greer, Colleen Rae
University of Kansas

Fusion: The Primary Model of Bicultural Competence and Bicultural Identity Development in a Taiwanese-American Family Lineage
By Chuang, Yenkuei
Stanford University

'He Looks Like a Yankee in His New Suit.' Immigrant Rhetoric: Dutch Immigrant Letters as Forums for Shifting Immigrant Identities
By Dehann, Kathleen Anne
Northwestern University

The Intergenerational Gap in Acculturation and Parenting Behavior Among Chinese Immigrant Mothers
By Ma, Tsung-Chieh
Columbia University

Interpretation of Locker Decorations of Hispanic, Spanish-Speaking Immigrant Adolescents
By Aguirre-Caceres, Aldo Adrian
Ohio State University

Living-on-the-Hyphen: An Exploration of the Phenomenon of Being Cuban-American
By Torres-Queral, Maria Del Carmen
University of Maryland College Park

The Mediating Effects of Acculturation and Ethnic Identity in Adolescents' Future Narratives
By Anselmi, Sheri Marie
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology

Middle-Class Taiwanese Immigrants' Adaptation to American Society: The Interactive Effects of Gender, Culture, Race, and Class
By Tsai, Gloria Yi-Yun

Multidimensional Measures of Acculturation and Ethnic Attachment as Predictors of Depressive Symptoms in Two Populations of Korean-Americans
By Bae, Kyung Hee

The Process of Acculturation in Intellectual Marriage: A Psychological Study of Authenticity in Immigrant Women
By Fechner, Antje Marie
California School of Professional Psychology- San Diego

Relationship Between Acculturation and Low Birth Weight Among Mexican American Women
By De La Rosa, Ivan Alexandre
University of Michigan

The Relationship Between Acculturation and the Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices in an Hispanic Sample
By Herrera, Lawrence Phillip
Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Psychology

The Relationship of Acculturation, Parent and Peer Relations Delinquency and Depression: An Exploratory Study of Adaptation among Southeast Asian Youth
By Go, Charles Gobui
University of California, Davis

The Role of Acculturation on Health-Promoting Behaviors Among Older Mexican-American Women
By Leal, Thelma
University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Science at Galveston

The Role of Racial Socialization Influences, Racism-Related Stress, and Perceptions of Collective Racism in Adopted Patterns of Acculturation among Young Adult Mexican-Americans
By Garcia, Raul Anthony
California School of Professional Psychology- Los Angeles

Self-Revealing in Korean-American Adolescents as a Function of Their Degree of Acculturation and Depression
By Bang, Charlene
Pace University

Social Structure and Immigrant Identification: Impact of Race, Economic Participation, and Social Participation
By Schuchman, Katharine
Adelphi University

A Study of Acculturation of Lebanese-Moslem Elementary Students in Southeast Michigan
By Nuseibeh, Mohammed Sharief
Wayne State University

To Be Indian (Hyphen) American: Communicating Diaspora, Identity and Home
By Pathak, Archana A.
University of Oklahoma

Transforming Folk Beliefs: A Community of Indian Jews in Los Angeles and the Process of Believing
By Joseph-Witham, Heather Rose
University of California, Los Angeles


Chinese Multilingualism in Chicago
By Strauss, Daniel M. W.
Northwestern University

Expressing Needs and Wants in a Second Language: An Ethnographic Study of Chinese Immigrant Women's Requesting Behavior
By Li, Duan-Duan
Columbia University Teachers College

Integration as Ideology: Survival ESL and the Nation State
By Pinchero, Renee K.
University of Toronto (Canada)

Language Socialization of Mexican Children in a Los Angeles Catholic Parish
By Baquendo-Lopez, Sahara Patricia
University of California, Los Angeles

Language Use, Proficiency, and Attitudes Among Hispanics in a Northern California Community
By Rivera-Mills, Susana Victoria
University of New Mexico

Paibu Dollar Please! Bilingual Korean-American Children in New York City
By Shin, Sarah Jihe
University of Michigan

Second Language Acquisition and its Effects on the Social and Emotional Development of Immigrant Teens in a Small Midwestern Middle School
By Nielsen, Diane Leevon
University of Nebraska

Texas Czech: An Ethnolinguistic Study
By Dutkova, Ludmila
University of Arizona


An Analysis of History and Social Studies Teachers' Beliefs and Practices Concerning Multiculturalism
By Danker, Anita C.
Boston University

The Application of United States Immigration Laws to Higher Education
By Day, Karen Spring
University of Central Florida

Circular Translations of Citizen Participation Within a Massachusetts Newcomer Citizenship Education Program
By Comeau-Kronenwetter, Mary T.
University of Massachusetts

Correlates of Academic Achievement Among Latino Public High School Students
By Hernandez, Jacqueline Diaz
Hofstra University

'Dreams I Wanted to Be Reality:' Experiences of Hispanic Immigrant Students at an Urban High School
By Norrid-Lacey, Barbara Ann
Arizona State University

Education, Gender and Erosion of Tradition: Perceptions and Experiences of Second Generation Chinese
By Chow, Jo-Anne May
University of Calgary

An Evaluation of the Educational Development of Newly Arrived 6-12 Students from the Republic of Korea to the County of Los Angeles from 1990-1997
By Regan, John Thomas
Pepperdine University

Interactions of Identity: Inner-City Immigrant and Refugee Youths, Language Use, and Schooling
By Kuwahara, Yuri Lea
Stanford University

Street Ethos: Surviving High School. A Qualitative Study of Immigrant and American-Born Students in an Inner City High School
By Mateu-Gelabert, Pedro
New York University

Temporary United States Migration and Children's Educational Outcomes in Three Mexican Communities
By Kandel, William Alan
University of Chicago

The United States Citizenship Testing Center: A Multimedia Bilingual Program on the Internet
By Chiao, Li Lee
California State University, Long Beach

Valuing Our Differences: Contextual Interaction Factors that Affect the Academic Achievement of Latino Immigrant Students in a K-5 Elementary School
By Martinez, Elias Lopez
University of Colorado at Boulder


Central American Immigrants: Their: Lived Experience of Health
By Fitzsimmons, Carey Anthony
Southern Connecticut State University

Coming to America: Immigration, Stress, and Mental Health
By Harris-Reid, Michelle Ann
University of Michigan

Comparison of Health Outcomes in Hispanic Women and Their Infants Prior to Proposition 187 (1992/1993) Versus Those who Delivered After Passage
By Allen, Evelyn Collazo
California State University, Long Beach

A Critical Ethnography of the Experience of Menopause for Korean Women Living in Canada
By Elliott, Janice Louanne
University of Western Ontario

Determinants of Psychological Well-Being in Immigrants
By Christopher, Kimberly Ann
Boston College

Ecological Risk and Protective Factors for Health Among Mexican Immigrants in Chicago
By Cervantes, Arturo
Harvard University

An Explanation of Korean Patients' Accounts of the Medical System and Communication with Doctors in the United States
By Sung, Mi Kyung
Ohio State University

Factors Associated with Participation by Mexican and Guatemalan Migrant Farmworkers in a Tuberculosis Screening Program
By Poss, Jane E.
State University of New York at Buffalo

Fertility Patterns and Maternal Practices of Korean-Americans in Los Angeles California
By Ahn, Myoung Ock
University of California, Los Angeles

Illness Management Strategies Among Chinese Immigrants Living with Arthritis
By Zhang, Jinjin
University of Calgary (Canada)

Migration and Mental Health Among Dominican Immigrants Living in New York City: A Comparison of Two Migration-Mental Health Models
By Perez, Angelica Maria
Fordham University

Psychological Distress and Risk Factors Among Older Soviet Immigrants
By Mednikov, Marianna Masha
Wright Institute

Relationships Between Posttraumatic Stress, Acculturation, and Maternal Sensitivity in Vietnamese and Hmong Mothers
by Foss, Gwendolyn F.
University of San Diego

The Under Use of Psychological Services by Asian Indian Immigrants in America
By Panganamala, Nancy Rao
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Women's Issues

Adjustment of Divorced Iranian Immigrant Women in America
By Shirvani, Maryam
California State University, Long Beach

Borrowed Lives: Socioeconomic Restructuring and Reconstitution of United States Asian Indian Immigrant Women's Lives
By Sircar, Arpana
University of Texas at Arlington

Cultural Orientation, Coping Style, and Psychological Symptomatology Among Iranian Female Immigrants
By Sameyah-Amiri, Esther
California School of Professional Psychology- Los Angeles

Factors that Impact Immigrant Mexican-American Women's Decision to Breastfeed
By Gold, Melissa Ann
California School of Professional Psychology- Los Angeles

Haitian Women's Food Networks in Haiti and Oldtown, United States of America
By Stevens, Alta Mae
Brown University

'I Came Only with My Soul:' The Gendered Experiences of Salvadoran Women Immigrants in Los Angeles
By Zentgraf, Kristine M.
University of California, Los Angeles

Immigrant Women's Self and Cohesion: A Self Psychological Approach to Understanding the Impact of Immigration
By Lee, Jessica
California School of Professional Psychology- San Diego

Korean Immigrant Women's Post-Divorce Adjustment
By Chang, Janet C.
University of Califronia, Los Angeles

Migration and Menopause: Women's Experience of Maturation in Three Immigrant Communities
By Spitzer, Denise Lee
University of Alberta (Canada)

Narrating the Self: Irish Women's Stories of Migration
By Wolfson, Michelle Callahan
Boston College

Patterns of Psychological Adjustment Experienced by First-Generation Professional Females from Mainland China and Taiwan: A Qualitative Study
By Nadle, Elizabeth Boak
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey, G.S.A.P.P.

Racialized Immigrant Women's Sexualities: The Construction of Wives, Prostitutes, and Lesbians through United States Immigration
By Luibheid, Eithne
University of California, Berkeley

Sewing Women: Immigrants and the New York City Garment Industry
By Chin, Margaret May
Columbia University

Surfacing the Self: Narratives of Central American Immigrant Women
By Mallona, Amelia
Boston College

The Elderly

Caregiving Stress and Acculturation in East Indian Immigrants Caring for Their Elders
By Dhawan, Sonia
Queen's University at Kingston

Chinese Elderly Immigrants' Utilization of Human Services: The Case of Elders from Taiwan
By Liu, Hawlin Tina
Arizona State University

The Impact of the Welfare Reform of 1996: Attitudes of Korean Elders Toward the Welfare Reform (SSI) Concerning Legal Immigrants
By Lee, Dongsoo
University of Southern California

Quality of Life Among Older Vietnamese Women Immigrants
By Chu, Nancy Lin-Lin
Oklahoma State University

Risk Factors for Institutionalization Among Korean-American Immigrant Elderly
By Cho, Vania Sunyoung
California State University, Long Beach


American Medina: A Study of the Sunni Muslim Immigrant Communities in Chicago
By Schmidt, Garbi
Lunds Universitet (Sweden)

Building a Bridge Between the Generations of Immigrants in the First Korean United Methodist Church of Dallas
By Chang, Dongil
Drew University

Justice for Refugees: Circumscribing State Sovereignty from a Catholic Perspective
By Elvey, Francis Michael
Boston College

Nurturing Spiritual Discipline Through Lenten Observance: A Pluralistic and Postmodern Spirituality Program for Korean Immigrants
By Chung, Younghee
School of Theology at Claremont

Overcoming Conflicts in the Korean Immigrant Churches in the United States: In Pursuit of Reconciliation and Renewal
By Chang, Jae Woong
School of Theology at Claremont

Resilient Adaptation of Church-Affiliated Young Haitian Immigrants: A Search for Protective Resources
By Chrispin, Marie Carmel
Columbia University Teachers College


'All Our Own Kind Here:' The Creation of a Slovak-American Community in Philadelphia, 1890-1945
By Zecker, Robert Michael
University of Pennsylvania

America for Americans: The Southern Know Nothing Party and the Politics of Nativism, 1854-1856
By Bladek, John David
University of Washington

Eastern European Jewish Immigrants and Their Children on the Minnesota Iron Range, 1890s-1980s
By Proshan, Chester Jay
University of Minnesota

From the Central Kingdom to the Gold Mountain: Chinese Immigration to the United States (1820-1943)
By Cai, Yang
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

A Historical Survey of Mexican Immigration to the United States and an Oral History of the Mexican Settlement in Chicago, 1920-1990
By Andrade, Juan, Jr.
Northern Illinois University

Illegal Aliens and Alien Citizens: United States Immigration Policy and Racial Information, 1924-1945
By Ngai, Mae M.
Columbia University

The Immigration Scene: The Commercialization of Ethnicity and the Production of Publics in Fiction, Theater, and the Cinema, 1890-1915
By Haenni, Sabine
University of Chicago

Japanese Immigration and Community Building in the Interior West, 1882-1945
By Walz, Eric
Arizona State University

Michoacanos in Los Angeles: United States-Mexican Transitional Culture 1920-1970
By Ochoa-Serrano, Alvaro
University of California, Los Angeles

'More Than Ordinary...:' The Female Migration Experience and German Immigrant Women in Nineteenth Century Cincinnati
By Horst, Corinna A.
Miami University

Quicksilver Community: Mexican Migrations and Politics in the Santa Clara Valley, 1800-1960
By Pitti, Stephen Joseph
Stanford University

Shades of Green: Ethnic Diversity and Gender Considerations among the Irish in a Southern Industrial Community, 1871-1921
By Blalock, Kay J.
University of Toledo

Socialist Politics and the Making of Yiddish Cultures in New York City, 1890-1923
By Michels, Tony E.
Stanford University

Strangers in a Middle Land: Italian Immigrants and Race Relations in Baltimore, 1890-1920
By Shufelt, Gordon H.
American University

Where Diasporas Met: Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews in the City of New York. A Study in Intra-Ethnic Relations, 1880-1950
By Ben-Ur, Aviva
Brandeis University

Non-U.S. Immigration

Arguing About Asylum: Interests, Humanitarianism and Refugee Debates in Switzerland, Germany and Britain, 1970s-1990s
By Steiner, Niklaus Andreas

The Assimilation and Adjustment of Chinese Scholars in Canada After the Tiananmen Square Incident
By Zhu, Ning S.
University of Calgary (Canada)

Breaking the Code: The 1995 Immigration Policy of the Reform Party of Canada
By Burbidge, Anne Leslie
Trent University (Canada)

The Citizenship and Countries of Transient Immigrants to Canada
By Young, Paul Arthur
University of Colorado at Boulder

Doubtful Shepherds: Problems with the Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel
By Holt, David Phillip
University of Chicago

The Earnings of Male and Female Guestworkers and Their Assimilation into the German Labor Market
By Constant, Amelie
Vanderbilt University

East Meets West: Perceptions of Sikh Women Living in Canada
By Mann, Sukhjinder
University of Manitoba (Canada)

Experiences of Somali Students in Metro-Toronto School System
By Ighodaro, Macdonald E.
York University (Canada)

An Extended Model of Acculturation Process: Study of Iranian Immigrants in Canada
By Safdar, Saba F.
York University (Canada)

Getting a Job in Canada: Social Networks and Chinese Immigrant Integration
By Young, Jim
University of Manitoba (Canada)

Identity, Organizational Participation, and Geographies of Segmented Integration: The Case of London's Arab Immigrant Communities
By Nagel, Caroline Rose
University of Colorado at Boulder

Imag(in)ing the Other(s): Migration, Racism and the Distinctive Construction of Migrants
By Tesfahuney, Mekonnen
Uppsala Universitet (Sweden)

'Invasion' of the 'Immigrant Hordes:' An Analysis of Current Arguments in Canada Against Multiculturalism and Immigration
By Puttagunta, Partha Saradhi
University of British Columbia (Canada)

Labour Migration as a Socio-Geographic Process: The Case of German Labour Migrants in Australia
By Benham, Darren James
University of New South Wales (Australia)

Marriage of Convenience: The Subjective Experience of Anglo-Saxon Immigrants in Canada
By Ben-Zeev, Jacob
York University (Canada)

Migration and Identity Processes among Somali Immigrants in Canada
By Kusow, Abdi M.
Wayne State University

Nationality and Citizenship in Japan: Stability and Change in Comparative Perspective
By Kashiwazaki, Chikako
Brown University

Outsiders Moving in: Identity and Institutions in Japanese Responses to International Migration
By Pak, Katherine Tegtmeyer
The University of Chicago

The Political Adaptation of Recent Immigrants from the Former Yugoslavia
By La Rocque, Mark Edward
The University of Regina (Canada)

Recasting Citizenship: The Politics of Multiculturalism Policy in Canada
By Gabriel, Christina Louise
York University (Canada)

Reflections on the Canadians Guidelines on Women Refugee Claimants Fearing Gender-Related Persecution
By Campbell, Julie-Marie
York University (Canada)

Return Migration from Canada and the United States: Its Effects in the Mixteca Alta of Oaxaca, Mexico
By Woodman Colby, Catherine Letitia
Vanderbilt University

The Rise of the Extreme Right in France and Germany and the Problem of Immigration
By Medellin, Gabriela
Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)

The Role of English Language Competence on Migrant Settlement
By Gariano, Antonio Carlos
University of New South Wales (Australia)

The Role of Immigrant-Serving Organizations in the Canadians in the Canadian Welfare State: A Case Study
By Holder, B. Saddeiqa
University of Toronto (Canada)

Silent Voices: Help-Seeking Patterns of Recent Immigrant Chinese Women from Hong Kong to Canada
By Wong, Oye-Nam Christine
University of Toronto (Canada)

State Relations and International Migration Between Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe, 1985-1994
By Hamilton, Kimberly A.
Brown University

'There Must Be No Drawing Back:' The Catholic Church's Efforts on Behalf of Non-English-Speaking Immigrants in Toronto, 1889-1939
By Wicks, Linda Frances
University of Toronto (Canada)

The Working Class 'Web:' Immigrants in Italy and the Making of the Worldwide Labor Market
By Colatrella, Steven
State University of New York at Binghamton


From the Boat to the Melting Pot: A Contextual Examination of Parental Ethnic Socialization and Children's Ethnic Attitudes and Knowledge Among Immigrant Chinese Families
By Chen, Lisa Alice
New York University

'Growing up' Children: Current Child Rearing Practices Among Immigrant Jamaican Families
By Yearwood, Edilma Lynch
Adelphi University

Growing up in an Immigrant Entrepreneurial Family: The Paradox of Work and Family
By Park, Lisa Sun-Hee
Northwestern University

The Impact of Parental Separation on Taiwanese Adolescents Studying in the United States
By Lei, Helen Hsin
California School of Professional Psychology- Berkeley/Alameda

A Qualitative Study of Migrant Parental Involvement in a Middle School Setting
By Phillips, Carmen
University of Sarasota

Relationship of Parenting Styles to Ecological and Cultural Contexts of Immigrant Latino Families
By Arzubiaga, Angela Edith
University of California, Los Angeles

Safety Habits Promoted by Hispanic Parents for School-Aged and Adolescent Children
By Ernst, Mary Ellen
Florida International University

Storytelling in Project Heart to Heart: A Means to Bridge Generational Gap in Post-1965 Filipino Immigrant Families
By Nacu, Juanita Toledo Santos
University of San Diego

A Study of Return Migrant Well-Being: The Difference Between Male- and Female Headed Mexican Households
By Weng, Winefred Finegan
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Compiled by Joseph King.