House Votes to Protect American Communities

Sends Immigration Enforcement Bills to the Senate

By CIS on June 30, 2017

WASHINGTON (June 29, 2017) – Earlier this evening, the House passed two significant immigration enforcement bills addressing sanctuary policies and public safety.

H.R. 3003: The No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, the most decisive action yet against sanctuary cities, addresses state and local prohibitions on communication with federal immigration enforcement by authorizing detainers and withholding DHS grants from the noncompliant among other changes to the law. The legislation is required because the most egregious sanctuary cities continue to remain defiant, putting the safety of their communities at risk in order to protect criminal aliens from deportation.

H.R. 3004: Kate’s Law, named after illegal alien victim Kate Steinle, will help ensure that deportation is not a revolving door for serial immigration scofflaws. The government will now have greater ability to impose tougher consequences on criminal aliens who return, wrongly betting that we are not serious about our laws.

Jessica Vaughan commented, “It is noteworthy that more members of Congress chose to vote for the largely symbolic Kate’s Law rather than H.R. 3003, which would have more of an impact on public safety and the rule of law by taking care of the sanctuary problem.”
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