Imagine 6.4m illegal migrants in a SINGLE year! Astonishingly, it's about to get easier to enter the US - and, says TODD BENSMAN, future generations will never forget the moment the hurricane hit

By Todd Bensman on December 13, 2022

Daily Mail, December 13, 2022

Every record in the annals of mass migration lay shattered after nearly two years of President Joe Biden's negligent stewardship of the American southern border. Yet unimaginably, in about a week's time, it's going to get catastrophically worse.

Total known illegal border crossings stand at a record-breaking 4.4 million since President Joe Biden's inauguration with another 1.5 million estimated 'got-aways' believed to have slipped into the country undetected.

Interior deportations are at the lowest number ever and the percentage of global nationalities crossing is at the highest percentage ever.

Still, this pandemonium of 7,000-9,000 illegal crossers caught every single day, 200,000-plus every single month for two years straight, is just a Category 3 hurricane on the mass migration-scale.

A Category 5 is barreling down on the United States with the scheduled December 21 lifting of 'Title 42,' the one last real impediment to a next-level crisis far beyond, not just the American experience, but that of every nation in the developed world.

If U.S. intelligence estimates are to be believed, a previously unthinkable storm is gathering just off America's borders, portending a potentially permanent transformative impact on the country. And barring a last-minute, unlikely appeal by the Biden administration to delay the elimination of Title 42, America is forecast to take a direct hit.

Up for court-ordered demolition later this month, Title 42 is the pandemic-control statute that, since March 2020, has allowed U.S. Border Patrol to quickly expel most crossers back to Mexico and, more importantly in doing so, deny them access to a highly defraud-able asylum system.

This failed asylum system hamstrings deportation and mainlines illegal immigrants straight into America, pretty much forever, for the low, low cost of a tale of woe that need never be proven.

Don't take my word for it.

'I have to be honest about the asylum laws and the processing,' former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson recently told Face the Nation. 'It takes six years right now to process an asylum claim once someone has entered this country.'

'One of the problems is that the bar to qualify initially … is relatively low,' he continued. 'Something like 70 percent of migrants qualify who seek it, and the ultimate qualification for asylum, the percentage there is about 20 percent, and there's six years in-between.'

Let me repeat Johnson's remarks for emphasis – 70 percent of migrants seeking asylum are allowed into America. Only 20 percent are eventually granted asylum.

'Migrants know this, and so we've got to develop a system where we can more expeditiously deal with these claims…' Johnson concluded. 'I know my friends on the left won't be too happy to hear that.'

U.S. asylum is at the root of this crisis because the simple act of claiming asylum at the border allows largely ineligible economic immigrants to forestall mandatory detention and deportation in a backlogged line years long.

It also enables those who immediately abandon their claims or eventually lose their asylum cases to simply disappear into the country.

Former President Donald Trump used Title 42 to expel and deny asylum abuse to nearly 90 percent of all apprehended illegal entrants. And denied access to the asylum ruse most naturally stayed home.

But that all changed on Inauguration Day 2021, when Biden opened huge Title 42 exemptions for immigrant families, solo teenagers and pregnant women. This immediately reduced total expulsions to about 60 percent of all apprehended entrants.

That was plenty to trigger the Category 3 hurricane, but Biden's DHS further reduced the expulsions to below 40 percent.

Once this last Title 42 remnant is gone, nothing will stand between a vast and desperate global population and the irresistible pull of the U.S. asylum system.

Mexican media is already reporting that untold thousands from around the globe are on their way, no doubt responding to the promise of quick entry for a vast majority of them.

Possibly the largest illegal migrant group in history – more than 1,000 from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua – waded across a river into El Paso, Texas on Sunday night.

Now look for a minimum of 12,000 people a day crossing to get at 'our legal system' after the demise of Title 42, according to U.S. intelligence community estimates leaked last spring.

Today's historic, crushing, border-collapsing 200,000 a month would spike to 340,000 a month, or potentially 4.3 million a year if that level is sustained.

And that's at the lower end of the scale.

The number of crossings could reach as high as 18,000 a day, 540,000 a month, 6.4 million a year, those intelligence estimates say.

That would equal nearly 50 percent of the total known illegal population in American today!

I dare anyone to argue that this is humane. Mass illegal migration puts an unimaginable number of vulnerable women and children at risk to sex traffickers. Cases of rape and abuse on the journey to America are sickeningly common.

This summer a United Nation's report named the U.S./Mexico border the 'deadliest land crossing in the world' shortly after 53 human bodies were found in an abandoned tractor trailer in San Antonio, Texas. They were left there to die by smugglers.

An unsecured border is also a gateway for illegal drugs to flow into the U.S. And it all accrues to the benefit of criminal gangs and drug cartels, who oversee it all.

So, what is the Biden White House doing to deter, block, and deport this coming disaster?

Shamefully, almost nothing.

Instead, the Biden DHS plan shows that its objective is to hydroplane this traffic into America, thus further encouraging it.

The Biden administration is scrambling to surge officers, agents and volunteers from every branch of government – even pulling U.S. Air Marshals from passenger jets – to help process immigrants through the asylum system with a mind toward avoiding backlogs and camps that will attract media attention.

Everything is geared toward quickly moving the anticipated hundreds of thousands by aircraft and bus off the border and into interior America using an expanded form of an already existing conveyor belt system overseen by even more non-profit migrant advocacy groups than already do that work.

Whether the administration succeeds in keeping media attention from camps and backlogs that will inevitably form will be worth watching.

The burden of millions of largely uneducated, unskilled people who do not speak English, likely need public assistance, and may join a burgeoning permanent illegal underclass, is already being felt throughout the nation's interior on every front.

Parents across the nation shoulder it in public school districts where overcrowding is stressing the education system and driving up local tax rates. This was, after all, a crisis made of immigrant families, unaccompanied minors and pregnant women that Biden exempted from Title 42 from his first day in office.

Unfunded burdens will grow heavier by the day, week, month, and year on health care systems required to treat the uninsured, on municipal public assistance budgets. They will continue to fill homeless shelters, hotels, and subsidized housing.

Future generations will forever trace the coming changes to this historic time and remember and study it for what it is.

This is the storm on the horizon, and it has been building for months and years. If you thought Biden's dereliction of duty on the border could not be surpassed – think again.

Batten down the hatches.