Yet Another Chinese Alien Sues Yet Another Chinese American in EB-5 Case

By David North on December 17, 2015

[Note: This posting has been corrected since its original publication, based on a note from Mr. Hu.]

This is getting to be monotonous.

Yet another Chinese national (Shoumin Zhang) has sued a Chinese American (John Deyong Hu), Ms. Zhang's former lawyer, in connection with an EB-5 matter.

Ms. Zhang invested in a real estate deal in Orange County, Calif. She was told that the property that housed the project was worth $8 million and that she would get a guaranteed return on her investment.

Ms. Zhang, according to a note to CIS from Mr. Hu, had second thoughts, and withdrew the petition. She subsequently sued the regional center and the developer to get her money back; Mr. Hu was also named in the suit.

On December 18 the judge sitting on the case, Manuel L. Real, granted her a temporary restraining order freezing the money. Mr. Hu told me in his note that the decision had already been made, prior to the issuance of the TRO, to repay her the money.

The court documents filed so far show only show her side of the case and can be seen on the PACER website at 2:15-cv-09583-R-SP.

For more on another instance of what looks like a Chinese-on-Chinese/EB-5 dispute, see here.