Yet Another Border Tunnel under the Otay Mesa

By David North on December 1, 2011

Two weeks ago I wrote:

Once again the ICE press operation is ballyhooing an event that might better be regarded as a failure of our border control authorities.

In its press release of yesterday, ICE tells the world happily that it found another tunnel, this one 400-yards long, near the port of entry on the Otay Mesa south of San Diego.

Today all I have to do is to change "400-yards" to "612 yards."

Yet again, there's another fully-constructed tunnel, complete with railroad tracks, used to smuggle tons of marijuana and maybe some illegals too, discovered after it is totally operational, by our border-control forces. Yet, again, ICE had a press release yesterday on the subject. And, yet again, its U.S. terminal is in yet another warehouse near the big international port of entry on Otay Mesa south of San Diego.

While the Army has underground-digging detection hardware on the North Korea-South Korea border, we do not seem to use anything as sophisticated on our southern border. There had to be a tractor trailer full of weed, seen leaving the warehouse, before our ever-alert forces noticed anything wrong.

Then, to quote from the ICE press release, the rig moved north and at a checkpoint "... agents, aware of the ongoing investigation, waived the truck through ..."

ICE probably meant waved but it was one of those rare times when either spelling, or either meaning, would be correct.

If the Mexican drug cartels can build tunnels as well and as efficiently as they seem to be able to do – every couple of weeks – maybe they should be retained to expand New York's ancient subway system.

And maybe we ought to legalize marijuana, tax it, and use the proceeds to hire some really talented people to patrol our southern border.