Two Illegals Forced to Kill Chickens the Halal Way in 100-Hour Weeks

By David North on December 5, 2016

One of the attractions of illegal aliens for employers is that the worst working conditions can be forced upon them by the bosses, who can easily threaten the workers with deportation if they complain.

A case filed this week in a New Jersey federal court is a good example. The employers, whose first names were Mohammad and Mohammed, respectively, forced two illegals to work from 70 to 100 hours a week killing chickens at a Perth Amboy slaughterhouse in the halal manner, paid them no overtime, and forced them to pay $40 a week each for living in an apartment that had neither heat nor hot water, but had plenty of bugs.

The U.S. Attorney's office in Newark charged the two employers with forced labor/human trafficking, harboring illegal aliens, and violating the Fair Labor Standards Act, according to the local press. The bosses' last names are Wahid and Kabil. The workers were not named.

Wikipedia defines halal killing in this way:

The butcher must be Muslim, the name of God or "In the name of God" (Bismillah) must be called by the butcher upon slaughter of each halal animal separately, and it should consist of a swift, deep incision with a very sharp knife on the throat, cutting the wind pipe, jugular veins and carotid arteries of both sides but leaving the spinal cord intact.

When I was in my teens my parents had a small farm about 35 miles from Perth Amboy, which had several hundred chickens (a blessing in World War II, given the shortages of chickens and eggs).

So I am familiar with killing chickens in New Jersey. It was something my father usually did, but I had to do it sometimes. A single swift blow to the neck with a hatchet was our favored technique, a grisly task but considerably less gruesome than the halal method forced upon the illegals in this case.

I am assuming that everyone involved was Muslim, so this would be yet another of those landsmen exploiting landsmen situations.