Trump's 'Ban' on Migrants Does Not Cover EB-5 Families

By David North on April 23, 2020

Topic Page: Covid-19 and Immigration

The president's ban (or "ban") on immigrant admissions for 60 days was designed to avoid putting a "strain on the finite limits of our health care system at a time when we need to prioritize Americans and the existing immigrant population."

So who gets an exception? Among them are immigrant investors in the EB-5 program; this is the arrangement that grants a family-sized set of green cards to aliens (with no other qualifications) who invest $900,000 in a Homeland Security-approved but not guaranteed project, usually a big-city real estate development. The investment level used to be $500,000.

And what is the nation of origin of the big majority of these investors?

China, which, as the president keeps telling us, is the source of the virus.