Suggestion to the Border Patrol: Check Out the Gaza Tunnels

By David North on July 28, 2014

Here's an urgent suggestion to the Border Patrol: Send some of your specialists and maybe the Sector Chief at Nogales to Israel immediately to check out the tunnels from Gaza that are, at this writing, controlled by the Israeli military.

Whatever one may think of the latest conflict in the Middle East, it is clear that the Israeli military has in its possession a world-class collection of the latest in terrorist tunneling technology, and the Border Patrol should look at it in detail.

Bedeviled as we are by tunnels under the border at Arizona locations and near San Diego, our people should know what techniques are being used by Hamas, on the chance that the Mexican cartels will start doing the same thing. Hamas' tunnels are used by its warriors for hidden entrances into Israel; the cartels use theirs for smuggling drugs and humans into the United States.

The parallels are striking. In both cases these are law-breaking Third World entities seeking to literally undermine a high-tech, well-funded First World power.

One wonders if the Mexican drug cartels are in touch with the engineers in Hamas and, if so, which set of sappers is more sophisticated? And if they do converse, what language do they use with each other? (Maybe they chat in English.)

It continues to puzzle me that whenever the Border Patrol finds another tunnel, as it does frequently, it is either complete and in use, or just about finished. Don't we have little electronic devices that can tell us if someone is burrowing away under U.S. soil?

Or do we have such devices, but prefer to let the bad guys spend more time and money finishing the tunnel before we intervene? That would not be a bad strategy.

Recently the Border Patrol has realized the pictorial value of the tunnels it finds. The photo at right shows a tunnel ending in an Nogales, Ariz., parking lot, designed to allow drugs to be pushed up from the tunnel right into a pre-cut opening in the bottom of a waiting truck. The truck would appear to be just parked harmlessly, waiting for its next trip. The photo below shows a different kind of tunnel in Douglas, Ariz.