Restrictionists Have Interesting Allies on HR 1044 – such as Ilhan Omar

By David North on July 11, 2019

Immigration restrictionists lost overwhelmingly when the House of Representatives voted 365 to 65 for HR 1044, the so-called "Fairness to High Skilled Immigrants Act", on July 10, they but picked up some unlikely (and presumably short-term) allies in the process.  

The bill is designed to cut the wait time for Indian and Chinese aliens now in the holding queue for green cards. It now goes to the Senate that may or may not act on it.

Those voting against the act were 57 Republicans, and eight Democrats. Two Democrats did not vote.

The surprises were among the Democrats, including both Muslim members of the House, Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. They were joined by five African-American members: Anthony Brown of Maryland; Yvette Clark of New York; Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, a key ally of Speaker Pelosi; Marcia Fudge of Ohio; and Cedric Richmond of Louisiana. The eighth member in the group is Marcy Kaptur, a white woman from Toledo, Ohio.

Ms. Kaptur, a long-time member and a liberal, may have been encouraged to vote this way by one of her few Ohio Democratic colleagues – they almost have the same first names – Ms. Fudge.

These Democrats may have voted this way because of the negative effects this legislation will have on all would-be green carders from African and Muslim countries. All the members of the Hispanic Caucus, despite the slighting way that the bill treats Mexican nationals, voted for the bill.