Presidential Candidates' Worker-Protection Immigration Grades

By David North on October 12, 2015

NumbersUSA routinely issues voting-record grades on migration reduction matters for all members of Congress, from A+ down to F-. It now has done the same thing for 18 announced candidates for president (plus Vice President Biden, who may become a candidate). These are the scores on what NumbersUSA calls worker-protection immigration grades:

Rick Santorum (R), ex-congressman and ex-senator from Pennsylvania

Donald Trump (R), business executive

Ted Cruz (R), senator from Texas

Chris Christie (R), governor of New Jersey
Bobby Jindal (R), ex-congressman from Louisiana, now governor

Ben Carson (R), retired surgeon

Jeb Bush (R), ex-governor of Florida
Mike Huckabee (R), ex-governor of Arkansas
Rand Paul (R), senator from Kentucky

James Webb (D), ex-senator from Virginia

Carly Fiorina (R), business executive
John Kasich (R), governor of Ohio

Marco Rubio (R), senator from Florida

Lincoln Chafee (D), ex-senator from Rhode Island
Hillary Clinton (D), ex-U.S. secretary of state
Lindsay Graham (R), senator from South Carolina

Joe Biden (D), vice president
Martin O’Malley (D), ex-governor of Maryland
Bernie Sanders (D), senator from Vermont

The grades are solely for immigration-related matters and can be adjusted based on candidates' new statements. NumbersUSA also has a series of lifetime voting records for the eleven candidates who are serving, or have served, in Congress; they are not necessarily the same as the presidential campaign ratings shown here.

The party affiliations (R or D) seen above are those currently held by the candidates. In the past, Sanders has called himself an independent and a Socialist; Webb served as Secretary of Navy under Ronald Reagan; Clinton long, long ago was a "Goldwater Girl"; and Chafee was both a Republican senator and an independent governor.

NumbersUSA's presidential grade cards page offers explanations of the grades, derived from candidates' public statements on 10 different topics, from mandatory E-Verify to ending the Visa Lottery.


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