Pew Report Implies Our Borders Are Not Kid-Proof

By David North on August 12, 2010

Reading the recently released Pew report on the remarkable fertility of illegal aliens – twice that of Americans generally – I detected something else.

Our borders are not only porous for adult illegals, they are clearly not kid-proof either.

Mentioned, but not stressed, in the media coverage of the Pew study is one fact: there are 1.1 million foreign-born children of illegal alien parents. They are all 17 or younger. The strong implication is that almost all of them are in illegal status.

How did they get here? Apparently through or around our immigration control system.

Some of them arrived recently, I am sure, as teenagers, probably more able-bodied than many adults. But many others arrived, apparently, as small children or infants.

Most presumably entered without inspection, in many cases toddling or being carried over the border. Some must have come in on tourist visas, which they later abused.

These 1.1 million children are a quiet proof of the laxity of our border controls.