No More Deportation Orders! Let's Call Them "Going Home Tickets"

By David North on July 21, 2014

Restrictionists have been on the defensive linguistically for decades. Let's turn the tables and start imposing our terms for immigration matters on the rest of society.

In some circles the technical term "illegal alien" is regarded as politically incorrect. Sometimes "undocumented immigrant" or worse, "undocumented worker", is used. Further, as my colleague Marguerite Telford wrote recently, the administration has barred the use of the descriptive term "unaccompanied alien children".

Let's start with the concept of sending a person back to his or her native country. The harsh term "deportation" is often used, and sometimes the even more loaded term, for the individual, "deportee" is heard (as in Woody Guthrie's song.)

Let's bear in mind that deportation is not a prison sentence, it is a civil procedure in which the individual is simply told to go home. We could start calling what are now deportation orders "going home tickets".

The fact that our government routinely pays for the trip home is almost totally lost and, no matter how the illegal alien got here – by a long, scary walk in the desert or a ride on the terrifying "train of death" – we send them home in a nice, air-conditioned jet plane. The travel is safe, pleasant, and free.

Similarly, aliens will no longer be sent to detention centers. They will be housed free, and fed well by Uncle Sam.

Immigration judges will no longer hold hearings that may lead to deportation, there will be overseas travel conversations with robed counselors who can easily make, and finance, the needed transportation arrangements.

You get the idea.