Murdoch Henchman Gets H-1B Visa; Loses Job; Flouts Immigration Law

By David North on August 4, 2011

Perhaps the least attractive henchman of imperial publisher Rupert Murdoch (and there is fierce competition for that distinction) got into the U.S. on an H-1B visa, lost the job that got him the visa, and, apparently, has not left the U.S. as he should have done.

I am grateful to Ben Smith of Politico for breaking the story. It all ties into the huge controversy in the U.K. about Murdoch's media empire, and the serial wiretapping of the phones of murder victims and the royal family by his reporters.

The Murdoch corporate employer is American Media Inc. which relates to the New York Post, among other properties. The employee and H-1B visa holder is Greg Miskiw, a former editor at the late, garish London Sunday tabloid, the News of the World, once a crown jewel in Murdochdom.

Miskiw's best-known quotation, regarding his work and that of his former paper, is: "That's what we do – we go out and destroy other people's lives."

The corporate and open-borders advocates always tout the H-1B program as the way that the U.S. gets the "best and the brightest" of overseas talent. "Scum of the earth" would be more appropriate in this case.

Politico pointed a clear violation of the INA. American Media, apparently, did inform the government (more specifically ICE), when Miskiw left its payroll, as it has a legal obligation to do, but Miskiw has, apparently, not left the country, as one is supposed to do when one's H-1B visa expires.

Reportedly, the UK police "want to talk" to Miskiw, which may be one of the attractions of staying illegally in the U.S.