Marriage Fraud Fizzles, Attempted Murder Ensues

By David North on November 24, 2021

Marriage-related immigration fraud, by itself, is bad enough, but if it is connected to attempted murder, it is that much worse.

A much younger Jamaican woman (30), who had married an older citizen (74) in order to secure citizenship here, illicitly, reacted violently after an honorable immigration lawyer told her that the likelihood was that USCIS would not believe the validity of the marriage when that came up in the interview process.

So, once the couple returned from the lawyer’s office she wedged her spouse between the toilet seat and the bathroom wall, and attacked him with a straight razor. The arrival of a health-worker interrupted the attempted murder; the citizen’s life was saved, but he no longer has the use of one of his hands.

She is Olivia Raimo; he is not named; it all took place in New Rochelle, in the suburbs north of New York City, and was reported by Pix 11. She has pleaded guilty and faces 15 years in prison.

It so happens that I collect stories about marriage fraud and murder, having written about three different combinations of those elements in a posting nine years ago.

The moral of these stories: Think thrice before engaging in immigration-related marriage fraud – the life you save may be your own.