It's Tax Day — And Another Year Without Migration-Related Tax Reform

By David North on April 15, 2019

It's tax filing day and it marks yet another year in which changes in the tax code and its administration that could yield billions in revenue have not been made.

We could, without charging legal residents of the United States one red cent, save billions by correcting tax breaks now lavished on illegal aliens.

We could insist on no income tax refunds if the Social Security numbers used by filers do not match the SSNs issued to those people; we could stop paying refunds to filers with Individual Tax Identification Numbers (given that ITINs are only issued to those who cannot work here legally).

We could, with the help of Congress, levy a modest fee of, say, 2 percent on all individual remittances leaving the nation. The latter would not even be a tax, as the fees could be used (as they are in an Oklahoma state program) as income tax credits.

But as the deficit soars to remarkable heights, we have done none of these things.