It's Like Old Times — ICE Raids Mexican Cafes, Seizes Owner's Cadillac

By David North on October 28, 2016

It's as if you were watching late night TV this month, and Johnny Carson appeared on the tube, as alive as you and me.

Some ICE agents, ignoring the administration's lax enforcement policies, actually raided a bunch of Mexican restaurants in Buffalo, N.Y., earlier this month, rounded up more than a score of illegal alien workers, charged their exploitative employer with serious immigration and tax charges, and then according to the Buffalo News, "seized a 2016 Cadillac Escalade and a 2009 Porsche Boxster."

The reporter did not say whose cars these were, but the strong likelihood is that one or both of them belonged to the owner, who was also arrested, Sergio Ramses Mucino, and that none of them belonged to any of the workers.

(Aside: In Johnny Carson's day, at the time of the old Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Caddie (or the Porsche) would have been scooped up as an office car by one of the more senior INS district directors; I do not know if that is still the practice.)

The raid was a perfect illustration of why we should enforce the immigration law.

The workers were at their tasks, according to the paper, six days a week, 14 hours a day (that's an 84-hour work week). The owner, on the other hand was "grossing $50,000 a week at each of the [four] restaurants but failing to report that as income for purposes of state and federal taxes."

As the paper did not say, that's about $10.4 million a year. No wonder there were a couple of nice cars on the premises.

There was a bit of irony in the raid; apparently a former manager of one of the restaurants was fired after he pointed out the number of illegals to his employer. He then told the feds, and (after a longish investigation) the raid took place.

There were said to be 38 employees of the four restaurants; if the owner had used some of his millions to pay U.S. residents to do the work, and used 42-hour weeks, that would have created 76 full-time jobs.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement should be congratulated and also asked: Why is this not happening every day or the year, somewhere in the United States?