Idea: Stop Issuing H-1B Visas in India Until It Stops Buying Russian Oil

By David North on July 25, 2022

India is not on our side in the Ukrainian war and, according to an Indian business publication, India is buying 50 times as much oil from Russia this summer as it did in April.

Meanwhile, we keep issuing H-1B visas to Indians as they accept new H-1B jobs or as they return to the homeland to get their long-term H-1B visas renewed. This is a continuing activity, but that is only the case because our political leadership allows it to continue.

Why not stop issuing these visas until India stops buying Russian oil?

Such an action would have, after a bit of time, a wonderful side-effect: It would open up some jobs for talented American citizens. Thus it would be one of those all-too-rare twofers in immigration policy.