An Idea Regarding Government-Funded Scholarships for Illegal Aliens

Help with study in their home country if they agree not to come back

By David North on February 22, 2021

From time to time we at CIS get requests for comments on state or privately funded scholarships for illegal aliens, as we did last week from Dion J. Pierre, a reporter for Campus Reform, a specialized conservative news outlet.

Our reply is that we are perfectly happy to see these scholarships go to illegal aliens just so long as the student involved studies in his or her home country, and that the student agrees, in writing, not to seek to enter the U.S. for at least five years from the date on the check.

Yes, some of the out-of-status aliens are college material and would benefit from such a scholarship. Yes, the scholarship amount would probably go much further in the homeland than it would in the U.S., where higher education is particularly expensive, and yes, such a program would ease the re-entry of the students to their home country.

Meanwhile, the departure of the student would mean another step — and a humane one — to limit the size of the illegal alien population in the United States.

We have been reminded recently that our infrastructure, notably in Texas, has been stretched to the breaking point by the growing size of the population, and the reluctance of leadership, particularly in Texas, to invest in such basics as the power grid and the water systems. The recent storm did the expected in power blackouts, but the lack of drinking water — that should be a wake up call.

So the student involved gets higher education in his or her own language, and the student's exit helps us all. A win-win solution, though some may not see it that way.