Hillary's Brother's EB-5 Regional Center Finally Terminated by DHS

By David North on October 10, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother's EB-5 regional center was finally, and appropriately, terminated by the Department of Homeland Security on September 29.

These centers (there are more than 800 of them) play the often-controversial role of middlemen between the alien investors (who for half a million dollars can get a family-sized set of green cards) and the real estate promoters who use the funds. Each center is licensed by DHS.

Anthony Rodham's Virginia Center for Foreign Investment and Job Creation is best known for its support of the failed electric car company, Green Tech, once run by Clinton family friend Terry McAuliffe, now governor of Virginia. The regional center attracted much more press, largely negative, than it did investors, though there were a few of the latter. The interactions among Rodham, McAuliffe, and then USCIS Director (now the retiring Deputy DHS Secretary) Alejandro Mayorkas created congressional hearings and complicated Mayorkas' confirmation process.

Rodham ran the center from a small office in McLean, in the Virginia suburbs of Washington. He and his brother Hugh have long been minor embarrassments to Secretary Clinton, but the latest episode — a Democratic administration commendably closing down a questionable business operated by a sibling of the party's candidate for president — came at a time when any discussion of it was totally overshadowed by the Republican candidate's lewd remarks of a decade ago captured on video.

As a matter of fact, I have yet to see one line about the regional center's termination in the American press (as of October 10) and only learned about it from one of my all-knowing, China-based informants of EB-5 matters. The USCIS website confirmed the tip.

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