Florida Columnist Objects to Local Subsidies for Creation of H-1B Jobs

By David North on June 23, 2018

If local taxpayer money is used to subsidize job creation, the jobs created should go to resident workers, not foreign ones.

That's the clear message of Orlando Sentinel commentator Scott Maxwell, who understandably objects to the fact that Deloitte Consulting, the huge accounting firm, is getting $1.7 million in local subsidies for the jobs it plans to create in the area — and then announced that at least some of them will go to H-1B workers.

Local officials probably should have checked out Deloitte's national hiring record before making their decision. According to Myvisajobs.com, the firm was the eighth-largest employer of H-1Bs in 2017, with 7,645 applications filed nationwide.

Maxwell is making the same point in Florida that a GOP state senator in North Carolina, Phil Berger, did recently about the hiring practices of a firm that had secured a subsidy from that state.

One of the continuing problems is that lightly staffed state legislatures are even more likely to fall for slick lobbying by alien-employing firms seeking subsidies than is the national Congress.