Ever-Alert ICE Deports a Mummy's Hand to Egypt

By David North on November 28, 2016

As a recovering government publicist (Department of the Interior two decades ago), I know that what gets publicized by an agency is what's important to its leadership.

With that bit of lingering wisdom, I read today that the ever-vigilant Immigration and Customs Enforcement has plans to deport an ancient Egyptian mummy's hand back to the homeland. By removing this no longer operative hand, perhaps ICE is finally doing something — if only symbolically — to restore the balance in the nation's labor markets.

While I am all in favor of restoring once-stolen antiques to their original nations, I would prefer that the energies of the agency's field staff, and its PR folk, be concentrated on doing something in the current world, like reducing the excess of illegal foreign workers now toiling in the United States, taking the jobs and depressing the wages of their resident competitors.

Our government is also returning a gilded mummy shroud and a gilded mummy mask to Egyptian officials, all at a ceremony at the Egyptian Embassy in DC. The event is at 5 pm on Thursday, December 1. I learned this from an ICE media advisory sent over the internet. No link is available to it.

To be fair to ICE, it uses the word "repatriate" in this connection, not deportation.