Double Bad News, but Not Unexpected Bad News

By David North on February 10, 2021

Two bits of bad news on the immigration front have emerged recently, but neither could be called unexpected:

  1. The U.S. Senate, led by now Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), changed its position in the middle of the night and voted to give those $1,400 virus-crisis checks to illegal aliens; and
  2. Yet another group of Chinese investors has sued EB-5 middlemen for a multi-million dollar failed investment in California, one we are pretty sure we have not reported before.

According to a report from Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper, the Senate on Thursday, February 4, passed an amendment to the $1.9 trillion omnibus virus-relief bill keeping illegal aliens from receiving the $1,400 stimulus checks. Left-wing Democrats in the House threatened to kill the entire package if the undocumented were going to be left out of the party, and then Schumer caused enough Democrats to switch — in the wee hours of Friday morning — to restore the checks to the illegals. The vice president was in the chamber, and she broke the tie to give the new position a 51-50 majority.

Meanwhile, on the EB-5 front, there was yet another complaint of a failed EB-5 project, yet again in California, yet again involving real estate, and as usual involving Chinese investors being, allegedly, misled by people with Chinese names (Chen and Cheng in this case). We could find nothing in our files about both a Chen and a Cheng dealing with EB-5 investors. For more, see this article, partially behind a paywall, by Law360.