DHS Pressies Have the Week That Was, and Will Be, and Was, and Will be Again

By David North on November 15, 2011

The Department of Homeland Security's press people are planning a busy week, for the four days of November 15-18, Tuesday through Friday.

They plan to have a batch of news events today (Tuesday), to be followed by a busy November 16, and a busy November 17, and a busy November 18, Friday.

Then, if you look at the "Media Advisory" for this week, which I received by e-mail, they will next revisit Wednesday, the 16th, with two conference speeches in Las Vegas, followed by revisiting three events on Thursday, the 17th, and a bunch of activities on Friday, the 18th, from Laredo to Boston.

This will be followed by a return to those media events at the Mirage Hotel and the Rio All-Suites Hotel, in Las Vegas, again on Wednesday, November 16, the Thursday, November 17 activities in Arlington, Virginia, and then on Capitol Hill, and, yet again, conclude the week at a "special children's citizenship ceremony at the Connecticut State Capitol Building," on Friday, November 18. But this time the previously-scheduled events in Boston and Laredo will be dropped, or have been dropped. . . it is a little confusing.

As a one-time pressie myself, I know errors can happen, but they are usually a single word or statistic, but this time the cut-and-paste folks at the DHS press office outdid themselves.

How do I know it was cut-and-paste? Because in the original, some of the events were described in one type face, and some in another.

Maybe what happened was that the pressies were drafted to do on-the-ground interior immigration enforcement and could not spend the time getting the schedule straight. On second thought, probably not.