DHS Finally Takes Action Against Calif. Visa Mill

By David North on January 9, 2017

It has taken years, but finally the Department of Homeland Security has taken action against Herguan University, the Sunnyvale, Calif., visa mill that extended numerous F-1 visas to "students" who really did not want to study; they wanted admission to the United States and a chance to work here.

It was an institution designed to facilitate breaking immigration law.

Its founder, one-time owner, and former president, Jerry Wang, spent a year in the federal pen for his crimes in running the place. ICE raided it in 2012. It got terrible press in India as "an academic rip-off". The Indian foreign minister said unpleasant things about it.

But DHS dawdled

Though I missed it at the time, this past October DHS finally let Herguan know that it could no longer issue the I-20 forms that cause the creation of F-1 visas. Since the lifeblood of the phony little for-profit university was foreign "students", usually from India, this will lead to its demise. (I called it the other day and got verbal confirmation, in broken English, that it was no longer issuing the I-20.)

As an indication of the quality of the education offered there, CIS ran the full text of an error-filled announcement (which stayed on the Herguan website, uncorrected, for more than a year) which was headed:

Herguan University held its Graduation Ceremony Celetrate for its Establishment for 5 years