Clarification: Anthony Rodham Lost One of His TWO EB-5 Regional Centers

By David North on October 17, 2016

On October 10, we posted a blog titled "Hillary's Brother's EB-5 Regional Center Finally Terminated by DHS". The heading was correct, but we failed to differentiate between one regional center that was closed, and one that was not.

Regional centers in the EB-5 business are usually private, for-profit-entities that serve as the middlemen between the alien investors who put $500,000 into investments and the developers who manage the (hopefully) job-creating projects. The result is supposed to be new business activity in the United States and a family-sized batch of green cards for the alien, the alien's spouse, and their under-21 children.

Anthony Rodham had two of these regional centers, working out of a small office in the Northern Virginia suburbs. One of these, the Virginia Center for Foreign Investment and Job Creation was, in fact, terminated by USCIS on September 29.

The other, Gulf Coast Funds Management, remains in business. It occupies the same office space as the late VCFIJC, and is the one that invested in the not-very-successful electric car company, GreenTech Automotive, started by Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton family friend who is now governor of Virginia.

Gulf Coast still has a website. Under "portfolio companies", it has a misleading stock photo of welders working on a high-rise urban structure; the center does not claim on its site to fund any such activity.

So, contrary to our earlier report, Hillary Clinton will probably still have a brother with a controversial, government-related business when she reaches, as she probably will, the White House. For a rollicking take from the left on Anthony Rodham and his brother Hugh, see this piece from Mother Jones.