CIS Gets an Offer We Will Refuse from a Bangladeshi Organization

By David North on June 21, 2014

We at the Center for Immigration Studies have just received an offer, via e-mail, from a recruiting agency in Bangladesh that we, absolutely, plan to refuse.

The offer appears to be that if we hire someone from that country, selected by that agency, and arrange for a visa, that agency will pay us for our services.

Since the only way the agency could pay us is by charging the worker, this would seem to be a violation of U.S. law, which mandates that employers must pay such fees, at least in the H visa programs run by the Labor Department. On the other hand it might be legal under the State Department's J-1 exchange visitor program, which permits workers to be charged such fees.

In any case, it is highly unattractive, and is an indication of how badly nonimmigrant workers are treated in such cases, and how attractive they can be to exploitative U.S. employers.

The offer came to us in a blast email that read:

Your name: Warren Quiah

Your e-mail address: [email protected]

Subject: Provide male and female workers


Honorable Sir,

We are very much pleased to obtain your contact address and taking this opportunity to inform you that we can arrange suitable workers for you from our country.

We can arrange students for higher education in Europe and USA.

We have 5 Star Hotel, Restaurant experienced (Chef, Cook, Waiter, Cleaner ) and also Driver, Nanny, Housemaid, Servant for Domestic.

We have skilled Electrician, Driller, Welders, Locksmiths, Masons, Aluminum and Glass cutting fitting operator, Steel Fixture, Carpenter, agriculture workers and Nurses, Cleaners, etc.

We have huge unskilled labors to work as loaders, Agricultural farms , factories etc.

1. We can provide huge workers with in minimum wages from our country which Will never possible from other countries, this is due to over population and Unemployment.

2. Our workers are honest, hardworking and devoted to their works for survival. So, the employer becoming benefited and overtime charges also minimum.

3. We pay good charges for each and every recruitment.

So, we would like to know your procedure of Work permit, workers requirements, wages, overtime, weekly or hourly payment, accommodation, food, medical etc. Your service charges etc.

We also provide well-experienced Nanny for taking care of kids and children. They are educated and fluent English.

We provide handsome service commission for each and every employment after job and visa confirmation.

Awaiting to receive your kind respond soon.

Have a great day.

Best regards.

Warren Quiah

H.R.T. World Wide Services.


Road No. 13

House No. 675



Cell No. 0167 4004 556, 0183 5868 409

I played along with the incoming, and in a return email asked (tongue in cheek):

Our question is a basic one — are you offering to pay us, if we find paid employment for your people? ("We provide handsome service commission ... after job ... confirmation.")

Or do you expect us to pay you for finding staff? And, if so, how much?

I did not expect a reply, but we got the following:

HI David,

Thank you very much for your nice respond.

Ok, you arrange job and visa confirmation, we will pay you or you can propose us which is better for you.

Awaiting your prompt reply.

Best regards.


If we, a critic of nonimmigrant worker programs, get such a proposition, lots of other entities must get them as well. It is a sad reflection on our immigration system.

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