Biden Administration Should Get Creative with Immigration Policy by Vaccinating Deportees

The second of several occasional postings from a life-long Democrat

By David North on January 21, 2021

America has more cases of the Covid-19 virus than any other nation in the world, the U.S. has a similarly large deportation program, people in confined environments are more likely to contract the virus than those living free, and some nations use various strategies to refuse to accept our deportees.

Let's pull those four separate sets of fact into a new policy of seeing to it that all who are deported are vaccinated first, and then let's announce that policy loudly. Let's also see to it that all deportees (and others excluded from the nation) have vaccination passports, complete with a photo of the person involved.

There would be multiple benefits from such a policy:

  • It would show the world that we are not spreading the virus by expelling its carriers;
  • It would make the whole process of deportation sound a little more humane and it would help to preserve its operations;
  • It would give the individuals involved a benefit, in an otherwise (to them) losing situation; and
  • It would show those of the Left that the nation was not discriminating in its distribution of the vaccine; who could be lower on the totem pole than a deportee?

The federal government, which has spent billions on the vaccine, has every right to use a tiny portion of the supply in this way.

North, now a resident of Arlington, Va., was his party's candidate for Congress in New Jersey's Fifth District more than 60 years ago and was, later, assistant to the chairman of the Democratic National Committee and worked on immigration policy in the LBJ White House.