Are Illegal Aliens a Privileged Class? Arizona Thinks They Are

By David North on September 17, 2021

Most of us do not think of illegal aliens as a privileged class.

But the State of Arizona, in a legal move straight out of Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, has argued in federal court that they have one right unavailable to U.S. citizens.

And that right is a dubious one: the right to die from Covid-19 because these aliens are not subject to the government’s sweeping vaccination orders, though the Arizona attorney general does not use those exact words.

A recent Law360 article reported that “The Arizona attorney general argued the administration is infringing on the rights of American citizens by threatening their livelihood with a vaccine mandate while not holding undocumented immigrants to the same requirements, according to the complaint.”

It will be interesting to see the federal judge’s reaction to this novel argument.

We here at CIS advocate for full vaccinations of all apprehended illegal aliens, as a solid public health measure. The shots are, incidentally, government-funded gifts to the aliens involved.