Illegal Alien Crime Deniers: Wall Street Journal

By Ronald W. Mortensen on March 18, 2017

In a March 12 editorial, the Wall Street Journal solidified its place among the nation's top illegal alien crime deniers by taking exception to President Trump's efforts to focus attention on crimes committed by illegal aliens. In fact, according to the Journal, "there's no evidence that immigrants commit more crimes than do native-born citizens and some suggest they commit less."

In addition, the Journal opined that "the federal government doesn't need a new bureaucracy given the facts about immigrant crime." In other words, according to the Wall Street Journal, there is no need for a Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office to act as a liaison with "known victims of crimes committed by removable aliens" since illegal alien crime is not a problem and the Americans who are victimized by illegal aliens can get along just fine on their own.

Of course, in typical fake news fashion, the Journal lumped legal and illegal immigrant crimes together under the broad category of "immigrant crimes." Then, based on studies that fail to distinguish between crimes committed by legal immigrants and those committed by illegal aliens, the Journal concluded that "[t]his evidence suggests that the Trump administration would better protect Americans by focusing on immigrants who commit serious crimes, not anyone here on an illegal document." (Emphasis added.)

The wording of this last statement is especially interesting since the Journal, again in true fake news fashion, tries to differentiate between "serious crimes" and crimes committed by "anyone here on an illegal document". And, whether intentional or not, the Journal actually acknowledges that illegal aliens do use "illegal document[s]".

The fact that illegal aliens use "illegal documents", including fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers, is further confirmed by many others. These include pro-illegal alien advocates such as the ACLU, the La Raza, Fusion TV anchor Jorge Ramos, and the president of the California State Senate.

All of these illegal alien apologists acknowledge in one way or another that up to 75 percent of illegal aliens routinely commit multiple felonies by using fraudulent documents in order to get jobs and that eight million of 11 million illegal aliens could be deported for crimes that they commit — forgery, Social Security fraud, perjury on I-9 forms, and even identity theft. All of these are felonies. Despite this, the Wall Street Journal, through fake-news story after fake-news story, continues to deny that illegal aliens commit crimes and continues to push the myth that illegal aliens are law-abiding.

Thus, in order to perpetuate the myth of the law-abiding illegal alien, the Wall Street Journal is forced to distinguish between "serious crimes" and "not serious crimes." Exactly how the Journal does this is unclear, but it may be that if someone commits a violent act against a Wall Street Journal editorial writer that would be considered a "serious crime." However, if an illegal alien uses "illegal documents" with the personal identifying information of an American child, that would not be a serious crime, as long as it wasn't the editorialist's child, even though the American child's credit could be destroyed, her medical records could be corrupted with life-threatening consequences, arrest records and criminal convictions could be attached to her Social Security number, and she could be denied means-tested benefits.

The Journal further asserts that only those committing "serious crimes" should be arrested, prosecuted, and deported. So, by this logic, illegal aliens committing "not serious crimes" would be considered to be law-abiding. Their crimes, therefore, would not be included in studies looking at the incidence of illegal alien crime even though by the admission of the Journal and its fellow travelers, at least 75 percent of illegal aliens are committing felonies. So, the Wall Street Journal eschews objective, unbiased studies that respect the scientific method and ends up reporting fake studies in their fake news stories.

In summary, in its misguided effort to deny that illegal aliens commit crimes, the Wall Street Journal has to rely on studies that lump legal and illegal immigrants together in order to hide the true level of illegal-alien crime. And then, because a huge proportion of illegal aliens are committing felonies in order to get jobs, the Journal is forced to differentiate between "serious crimes" and "not-serious crimes." And then it has to say that victims' assistance programs are not necessary because to say otherwise would acknowledge that illegal aliens were committing crimes with real victims. Thus, by the time the Journal achieves its desired results, it has relegated itself to reporting fake news based on fake facts. Hopefully their business reporting is better than their immigration reporting.