Op-ed: Illegal Immigrant Terrorism — Right-Wing Boogeyman Or Credible Threat?

By Viktor Marsai on March 4, 2024

In mainstream academic discussion, the link between illegal immigration and security is said to be merely a social construct. As stated by the authors of the well-known book “The Age of Migration,” there has been a post-Cold War trend of associating migration with security issues, a process referred to as “securitization.” It is claimed that this often occurs in the absence of a genuine threat, leading politicians to create an imagined threat. The contention is that labeling migrants as potential “terrorists” incites fear and a sense of danger.

However, when examining available data and information, it’s clear that the security risk posed by illegal immigration is more than just a political tactic or a social construct. Terrorist groups are exploiting the movement of people into the U.S. and Europe to infiltrate these societies and carry out very real terrorist attacks. This remains a concern even though the vast majority of these immigrants have no ties to extremist organizations. Underestimating the security challenges posed by illegal mass immigration is just as damaging as overstating the issue.

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