UN Rep: Mexico May Become the Final Destination for Central Americans

By Kausha Luna on August 26, 2015

Mexico's southern border is an increasing concern for that country's government as more Central Americans enter the country illegally. A UN official has warned Mexico that it may become the new destination for Central American migrants, rather than merely a stop on the way to the United States.

This warning came from the Mexico representative of "UN Women", Monica Corona. According to Corona, the increasing illegal immigration is a result of continued instability in Central America, where Mexico is perceived as a safe country. She adds that the United States' "tightening of immigration policies" makes Mexico a more appealing destination.

Participating in a conference on Gender and Migration at the Ibero-American University, Corona indicated that although Mexico's southern border state of Chiapas does not offer economic conditions much more favorable than in the migrants' home countries – Central American women in particular earn very little money – they migrate anyway because of the suffering back home: economic crises, a precarious social situation, and natural disasters. The job market is also very limited; most women take jobs as domestic or agricultural workers in the informal job market – i.e., off the books.