Mexico's Ministry of Education: Ready to Welcome Dreamers

By Kausha Luna on September 8, 2017

On Wednesday, a press release from Mexico's Ministry of Public Education (SEP by its Spanish acronym) outlined different measures the ministry has taken and will take in order to reintegrate returning "dreamers".

The press release comes as a response to the rescission of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), announced by the Trump administration on Tuesday.

The press release begins by informing readers that dreamers who return to Mexico "will be welcomed with open arms." The SEP adds that those who are completing primary, secondary, or higher education will be able to incorporate themselves into the national education system. In addition, it is noted that the government previously reformed its education laws so that a lack of documents (of academic background and or identity) or of an apostille will not be an obstacle to dreamers' ability to integrate into the system and conclude their studies.

In order to address all dreamers' needs, the SEP launched the "Spanish Program for Non-Spanish Speakers", facilitating the integration of those who may lack the needed language skills. Moreover, the Ministry of Education will move to modify the Rules of Operation for the "National Scholarship Program" so that DACA beneficiaries returning to Mexico may have access to financial support.

Moreover, the SEP streamlined the process so that DACA recipients returning to Mexico can validate their studies completed in the United States. Additionally, it strengthened its skill certification program in order to support their entry into the labor market.

In the same vein, as part of Mexico's National English Strategy, the SEP invites dreamers to participate in the recruitment process to become English teachers in Normal Schools (institutions for the training of teachers).

As U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions noted during his announcement on Tuesday, the majority of DACA recipients are adults.

Likewise, in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, SEP installed 11 information stations at the repatriation points on the U.S.-Mexico border and at the international airport of Mexico City. These information centers will provide returnees with advice on their educational options in Mexico, and alternatives to join the productive sector. Simultaneously, the Mexican government will reinforce the Educational Guidance windows in the Mexican consulates in the United States, and additional windows will be opened.

It is worth noting that some of these actions, such as the Education Law reform, happened within the first 100 days of the Trump administration, anticipating this week's announcement.