Mexico's Anti-Bullying Campaign for Migrants in the U.S.

By Kausha Luna on February 16, 2018

This week Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs released an anti-bullying campaign video. The video calls attention to bullying experienced by Mexican migrants in the United States and promotes the support services that are available.

The motion graphic is narrated in Spanish and subtitled in English. Below is the English-language text:

Immigrant bullying happens more often than you think. An increasing number of Mexicans living in the U.S.A. are being bullied every day. It takes many forms: from taunting and slurs, to social exclusion and physical abuse. Bullying leads to depression, behavioral problems, and sometimes even suicide. Vulnerable communities often struggle to protect themselves because they're unaware of programs designed to support them, and feel isolated due to language and cultural barriers. If you or someone you know is being bullied, here are some steps that can help you: talk to someone you trust, bring the issue to light. Don't isolate yourself! Whatever you do, don't engage in violence. Be self-confident to avoid being an easy target. Be proud of who you are. Parents, talk to children, but listen first. Bullies will avoid kids who can take care of themselves. Let them feel your support. Reassure their worthiness. Bring awareness... Get involved. Spread the message of inclusiveness. It takes all of us to give the next generation the confidence to say stop! And no matter what your immigration status is, you have rights!

The narrator then encourages individuals to go to their nearest Mexican consulate (there are 50 across the U.S.), which works with partners to provide support and guidance. The narration concludes with the following, "And always remembers...You are not alone." The end-cards provide contact information for the Center for Information and Assistance for Mexicans (CIAM), and instruct individuals to call 911 in case of an emergency.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry has published other videos to raise awareness about "immigrant bullying" here and here.