Cuba blames U.S. Immigration Policy for "Migration Crisis" in Central America

By Kausha Luna on November 19, 2015

A flood of Cuban illegal aliens are causing turmoil in Central America, causing Nicaragua to close its southern border with Costa Rica to the U.S.-bound Cubans. The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs blames the "migration crisis" on United States immigration policy.

According to the statement (See English version here and Spanish version here) read on Cuban national news:

The Ministry of Foreign Relations would like to emphasize that these citizens are victims of the politicization of the migration issue on the part of the United States government, the Cuban-American Adjustment Act, in particular, and the application of the so-called "wet foot-dry foot" policy.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, it is time to repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act. As long as the incentive remains, the wave of Cubans will continue. Despite the Castro regime's numerous defects, they're right about this.


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