Biden Administration: Illegal-Alien Minors Are 'Essential' Travel

By Robert Law on March 20, 2021

The Biden administration continues to treat illegal aliens better than law-abiding U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. Earlier this month, the president criticized the Republican governors of Texas and Alabama for easing their mask mandates, calling such a move "Neanderthal thinking". At the same time, the Biden administration was releasing hundreds of illegal aliens apprehended at the border into local communities, including many who tested positive for Covid-19. Not a single illegal alien beneficiary of the Biden administration's "catch and release" policy was subject to a mandatory quarantine. Americans, on the other hand, depending on where they live and where they traveled to and from, do not currently enjoy such freedoms.

It gets worse. The Trump administration successfully secured the border and helped stop the spread of Covid-19 by utilizing the emergency health authority under Title 42 of the United States Code to turn away all aliens at the border. While the Biden administration is now claiming it is still using Title 42 authority to immediately expel single adults and family units, there is a blanket exemption for illegal alien unaccompanied children (UACs). This open-door policy has predictably resulted in a record surge of UACs attempting to cross the border unlawfully. There's little doubt that today's unsuccessful family units will turn into "separated" families as the illegal aliens themselves and the cartels and coyotes wise up to the guaranteed favorable outcome for the illegal alien minors. The numbers will continue to skyrocket and the rest of the family will keep trying to sneak across the border until they're successful.

Adding the proverbial salt to the wound, look no further than yesterday's joint announcement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico that these shared borders will remain closed to "non-essential travel" until at least April 21. In a tweet, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said the three North America countries have all "determined that non-essential travel ... poses additional risk of transmission and spread of the virus." That tweet was followed up with another saying, "Informed by science and public health guidance, we will work with our counterparts to identify an approach to easing restrictions when conditions permit and with the protection of our citizens from COVID-19 at the forefront of our minds."

San Diegans wanting to take a day trip to Tijuana? You're out of luck. Take a stroll from El Paso, Texas, to Ciudad Juárez? Not for at least 30 more days. The Biden administration does not view your leisure as "essential". But illegal alien unaccompanied minors? Come on in, you're "essential" to the Biden administration.