In Which I Get the Tom Cotton Treatment

By Mark Krikorian on September 3, 2020

I have apparently instigated something similar to what happened at the New York Times editorial page, but at the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the bible for fundraisers. 

Earlier this week, the site featured an interview with me by an independent podcaster whose shows it cross-posts. “The Business of Giving,” by Denver Frederick, has interviewed literally hundreds of leaders of foundations, non-profits, and the like. Given the nature of that business, they’re almost all lefties of one sort or another, but Frederick’s interviewing style seems pretty consistent — avuncular, prompting when necessary, but mainly just letting people say their piece.

Last week he posted an interview with me, which the Chronicle of Philanthropy promoted on its home page, as it has done for several years with Frederick’s other interviews. That’s when the Schiff hit the fan — in a much smaller way than after Senator Cotton’s NYT op-ed, given the smaller forum, but it was the same phenomenon. . . .

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