An Unusual Voice on Univision

By Jerry Kammer and Jerry Kammer on May 2, 2011

Univision's Sunday Spanish-language news program "Al Punto" gave voice to the sort of Latino not often heard on the network: a conservative Republican who does not favor amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Host Jorge Ramos spoke with Adryana Boyne, an immigrant from Mexico who has long been active in Republican politics. In 2008 Boyne was a delegate to the Republican National Convention and was active in the Mike Huckabee presidential campaign.

Now Boyne is the director of VOCES Action, an organization whose first name is an acronym for Voices Offering Conservative Empowering Solutions. The group says its purpose is "communicating conservative values within and through the Latino population."

Boyne's conversation with Ramos was a bit hard to follow, as host and guest tended to speak over each other. But Boyne was able to make it clear why she opposes amnesty but wants to provide work authorization for illegal immigrants now working in the United States.

"There are rules and you have to respect the law," Boyne said to the clearly unsympathetic Ramos, who favors amnesty.

Last year, Boyne explained her position more fully to Texas Monthly, which posted this audio file.

"Yes, we believe in securing the border," she said. "But we also know how important blue collar workers are to the economy. We want make obtaining a work visa more efficient. What we ask in return is respect for the law. Becoming an American is such a great honor it should not just be given away."

Sunday's program also included an interview with one of Ramos's most frequent interviewees, Rep. Luis Gutierrez.

The Chicago Democrat who repeated his demand that President Obama issue executive orders to protect illegal immigrants. Gutierrez said there is no chance that the current Congress will pass the "comprehensive" reform legislation that he wants.