Immigration Brief: Domestic Extremists Target ICE Officers

By Todd Bensman and Bryan Griffith on January 23, 2019

New analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies highlights the growing threat that ICE agents face from those who oppose border security and law enforcement.

Last summer, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Claire Grady issued a warning to employees that they were under "heightened threat" based on "specific and credible threats that have been leveled against certain DHS employees and a sharp increase in the overall number of general threats against DHS employees."

Todd Bensman, the Center Senior National Security Fellow and author of the analysis, said, "Just as ISIS propagandists use the internet, various open-borders extremists who are upset with President Trump's immigration policies have used their anonymous online platforms to imply threats and encourage the murder of ICE agents. These radicals are motivated by an ideological desire to cause political change through violence--the very definition of terrorism."

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