DOJ Targets 23 Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Sanctuaries at risk of losing $53 million

By Preston Huennekens on January 25, 2018

The Department of Justice issued letters yesterday to 23 jurisdictions, including three states, warning them that they appear to be in violation of federal law. These jurisdictions are at risk of losing over $53 million in federal law enforcement funding unless they reverse their sanctuary policies.

The specific law in question is 8 USC 1373, which says that no government can in any way restrict the exchange of information with federal immigration authorities.

These grants, known as the Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, are the largest source of federal criminal justice funds for state and local authorities. The figures the graph below reflect the FY 2017 allocations for the states and localities which received the DOJ warnings:

Jurisdiction State FY 2017
Grant Funding
Chicago Ill. $2,019,194
Cook County Ill. $17,233
New York City N.Y. $4,120,447
Albany N.Y. $63,919
Berkeley Calif. $38,926
Bernalillo County N.M. $60,912
Burlington Vt. $38,845
Denver, City + County Colo. $423,861
Fremont Calif. $22,849
Jackson Miss. $252,439
King County Wash. $39,993
Lawrence Mass. $66,963
Los Angeles, City Calif. $1,953,647
Louisville Ky. $587,515
Monterey County Calif. $18,019
San Francisco City + County Calif. $524,845
Sonoma County Calif. $47,104
Watsonville Calif. $20,575
West Palm Beach Fla. $59,970
Sacramento County Calif. $233,299
State of California   $17,701,281
State of Illinois   $6,511,233
State of Oregon   $18,244,126
Total   $53,067,195