Whose Side Is Obama On?

By James R. Edwards, Jr. on July 3, 2010

The President's call-for-amnesty speech, given Thursday at American University, should raise one main question in every American’s mind: Whose side is President Obama on?

This bully pulpit brow-beating demanded all or nothing on immigration: no enforcement without legalization of all illegal aliens, plus the DREAM Act and AgJOBS amnesties, and the creation of yet another guestworker program – this one a mega-guestworker program to ensure that every foreigner who wants a job in America and can't qualify for one of the many current guestworker visas can further flood the U.S. labor pool. This speech pretty much confirms what Sen. Kyl contends President Obama said in a recent conversation, that the administration is holding enforcement hostage to amnesty-plus.

Is the president on the side of the beleaguered working American? Apparently not. He advocates legalizing some 11 million illegal aliens, about 7 million of whom hold stolen American jobs. He wants to increase exponentially the supply of workers and thus diminish the wages that American workers could otherwise command and undercut many an American's shot at job openings. In other words, this is Obama's race to the economic bottom. It sure doesn't offer much hope to his fellow Americans.

Interestingly, this speech occurred a day before the U.S. Department of Labor released June jobs data. The DOL report showed that some 652,000 workers left the job market. Most of them are at the low end of the skills spectrum – precisely where the bulk of illegal aliens steal jobs. Including those discouraged out of the job market and those working part-time who would rather work full-time (the "U6" rate), unemployment now stands at 16.5 percent. The less meaningful, narrow unemployment rate (or "U3" rate) fell to 9.5 percent, down from May's 9.7 percent. Reducing the jobless rate by making the labor market situation so lousy that hundreds of thousands of people stop looking for employment isn't exactly progress (or the kind of change most Americans can believe in).

Is the President on the side of U.S. states or the rule of law? Highly questionable. Obama sicced his Justice Department on Arizona. DOJ is weighing whether to take the latest Arizona immigration law to court. Federal lawyers already are challenging Arizona's 2007 law requiring that new hires be screened through E-Verify – putting the administration on the side of illegal aliens and unscrupulous employers and against law-abiding employers and lawful American workers.

No outcry from the White House as an activist judge is letting Mexico stick its nose into American policymaking, this time with a lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law. Obama even had the audacity to call state action "[taking] matters into their own hands" and "ill conceived."

From all appearances, it seems President Obama has a problem figuring out that, as U.S. president, he's supposed to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, which includes the Tenth Amendment. He's obligated to enforce laws like those making re-entry after deportation a felony or cooperating with state and local police who arrest illegal or criminal aliens. He's duty-bound to put the interests of this nation, of the American people, first – not coddling foreign border breakers who, whatever their motivation, do harm to this nation.