Open-Borders Religious Front Loses Prominent Member

By James R. Edwards, Jr. on June 25, 2013

Like the scales falling from the Apostle Paul's eyes, a prominent member of the Evangelical Immigration Table has distanced himself from the front group after learning of its funding by liberal atheist billionaire George Soros through the open-borders National Immigration Forum.

Eric Metaxas, who penned stellar biographies of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce, has cut his ties to the NIF's project that gives the impression Christians broadly support mass amnesty and the Senate amnesty bill in particular.

It seems that, in recruiting Christian leaders to the Evangelical Immigration Table, the recruiters may have led them to believe that the EIT would merely serve as a forum to discuss the immigration issue from a biblical perspective. It turns out EIT has not exactly served as a thought-inducing forum. Rather, EIT has actually served as an activist front group, advocating for the Senate's Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill through an advertising campaign mostly targeting Bible Belt states.

News reporters and watchdogs, most notably the Institute on Religion and Democracy, have snooped around NIF and EIT for answers. The financing of NIF, which spearheads outreach programs targeting evangelicals, by left-wing, open-borders atheist George Soros has been exposed. IRD's investigation has highlighted the integral connections between NIF and hard-left, radical elements from its founding up to today.

IRD's exposés have been most devastating and, importantly, resonant with faithful Christians. IRD has connected the dots between NIF and support sources that include MALDEF, La Raza, the ACLU, and other unsavory types. IRD followed the money to Soros. His Open Society Foundation, Open Society Institute, and Foundation to Promote an Open Society have ponied up more than $5 million from 2001 to 2011 for the NIF. When the truth came to light and to the attention of Mr. Metaxas, he had the integrity to split publicly from the EIT facade.

Other participants are so far in, they still wear scales over their eyes or, worse, rationalize, split hairs, or otherwise seek to justify their close ties to the radical open-borders front group. These include the Southern Baptists' Dr. Richard Land, Rev. Sammy Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (who has the dubious distinction of having been invited to say a prayer at the Republican National Convention two years after he embraced Obamacare), and Sojourners' long-time leftist leader Jim Wallis. Bottom line: many supposed evangelical "leaders" are content to be tools of Soros and his ilk.

Pushback against the open-borders evangelical sham is happening, with the creation of a new coalition, Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration. Kelly Monroe Kullberg, a Christian author and activist, started EBI, intended to take the whole counsel of Scripture when considering the immigration policy issue.

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