Maryland DREAMers Sue to Stop Democracy

By James R. Edwards, Jr. on August 2, 2011

It would be nice if, once in a while, open-borders zealots would fight fair. But, once again, they're cynically and willfully out to deprive American citizens of the ability to exercise self-government.

The open-borders activist group Casa of Maryland has filed suit against a petition drive to put the state's DREAM Act on the ballot next year. The state legislature passed the bill, then a grassroots opposition movement arose and followed the next step in the state's procedure: put the question to voters.

Not surprisingly, this mouthpiece for illegal aliens has total "compassion" with other people's money, but no compassion for the more than 100,000 Maryland citizens seeking to forestall a policy that gives foreign lawbreakers publicly subsidized advantages over native Marylanders.

The galling thing is how the Left knee-jerks to courts to circumvent legitimate democratic processes. We've seen this in Arizona, Hazelton, Pa., and elsewhere. Citizens who oppose in-state tuition for illegal aliens have sought to use the existing tools their state provides for arriving at the will of the people. Opponents to Maryland's DREAM Act secured about twice the required number of petitioners. But even that strong showing of the public's view wasn't good enough for the pro-illegals.

Similarly, the Obama administration has now sued Alabama to stop its duly enacted law designed to forestall illegal aliens from preying upon that state. This follows the administration's unjust interference in Arizona last year.

If the American people could get a clean shot at dealing with foreign lawbreakers in the most appropriate manner for their state or locality, maybe the country would enjoy greater harmony. As it is, dedicated interlopers short-circuit legitimate democratic processes. Actions like the Maryland and Alabama lawsuits feed disharmony and frustration. They do more to harm America and Americans because scurrying to the courthouse amounts to cheating citizens out of their self-government and sovereignty.