Texas vs. Biden — State Fights to Enforce Border, as White House Waves in Illegal Migrants

By Todd Bensman on July 18, 2023

EAGLE PASS, TEXAS — Every day, they wade down the Rio Grande, probing the shores for a break in the razor wire now strung along the shore. Illegal migrants by the thousands, looking for the chance to dash across the border.

This is where Gov. Greg Abbott has taken his most muscular stand yet to break a historic mass migration event. Texas has greatly extended Operation Hold the Line, which since May has state police and National Guard block immigrants at the river’s edge.

Many eventually swim back to the Mexican town of Piedras Negras — but they haven’t given up.

After all, in the bizarre logic under President Biden, while Texas may keep them out, if they find a federal Border Patrol agent, they’ll be let right in.

It’s become a war: Texas actually enforcing the law, and the Biden administration fighting it at every step. . . .

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