Op-ed: Joe Biden’s ‘secret’ flights of 33,000 migrants to New York passes buck to city taxpayers

By Todd Bensman on April 8, 2024

Mayor Eric Adams keeps blaming Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as the culprit responsible for the city’s migrant crisis, which has hoovered up millions in taxpayer resources.

In the latest broadside, Adams dared Abbott to spend a night in a NYC migrant shelter, while the no-thanks Abbot fired back that Adams’s sanctuary city policies were “aiding and abetting” the border disaster.

Some 37,000 of New York’s estimated 150,000 migrants — or 25% — were bused from Texas.

But there’s another number, comparable to that, that Adams should blame on another politician: Joe Biden.

A new report from me and my organization, the Center for Immigration Studies, finds that the Department of Homeland Security secretly has okayed the flights of some 33,000 illegal immigrants directly to the New York region from foreign airports. That’s 22% of the city’s migrant influx.

One of Biden’s flying immigrants was a Haitian man, Cory Alvarez, who was recently accused of raping a developmentally disabled teen girl. The administration reportedly authorized him to fly directly from Haiti into John F. Kennedy International Airport as part of the immigrant flights program.

Biden is, of course, far more responsible than Abbott for New York’s troubles because he’s doing nothing to enforce border laws in the first place, thus flooding Texas and other southern states with unsustainable numbers of illegal immigrants.

Yet Adams gives Biden a total a pass on the flights, which Biden could shut down with a phone call, preferring to continue pretending that the Republican Abbott is the cause of Gotham’s problems.

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