Op-ed: Biden Is Hiding the True Impact of His Open Border — a Shocking 10M Have Crossed

By Todd Bensman on February 29, 2024

Austin, Texas — A liberal media horde is about to follow President Joe Biden and Republican challenger Donald Trump to the Texas border, where they’ll no doubt revel in the absence of even a single actual immigrant illegally crossing the border.

Rest assured that Biden’s Border Patrol and Mexican authorities on both sides of the Rio Grande at Brownsville, where Biden is going, and in Eagle Pass, 300 miles upriver, where Trump plans to visit, will have sanitized those areas for a photo op.

But I have a suggestion for the Washington press corps parachuting in for one day on this border crisis: Look up.

Every morning between 9 am and 10 am, there is a line of immigrants on the international bridge from Piedras Negras to Eagle Pass, waiting to be waved in by US Customs and Border Protection officers.

In Brownsville, there’s a similar line on a pedestrian bridge.

These lines show how Biden is breaking the law.

The migrants there have applied for humanitarian parole using a phone app called CBP One.

It’s a program Biden introduced with no Congressional approval, no law, no authorization.

The president who claims that he can’t act without Congress, and that it’s the legislature’s responsibility to fix the border, is allowing hundreds of thousands of people into the United States — illegally — based on his own whims.

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