H-1B Doctor’s Jihadist Plot: How Well Do We Vet Visa Applicants?

By Todd Bensman on August 30, 2023

A Pakistani doctor who got an H-1B temporary work visa to join the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., is going to federal prison for incubating a plot to kill fellow Hippocratic oath takers while “behind enemy lines,” as he wrote in an encrypted jihadist social-media channel.

He’d grown sick of forever smiling at the nonbeliever “kuffar” doctors around him at the world-renowned medical clinic that sponsored his visa “just not to make them suspicious. I cannot tolerate it anymore. There is so much I wanted to do here. Lon wulf [sic] stuff you know. I want to kill and get killed ... and kill and get killed ... again and again.”

Fortunately, in March 2020, the FBI nabbed Dr. Muhammad Masood before he could enact a new plan to catch a cargo vessel in Los Angeles that was to deliver him to the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria, where he had decided instead to work as a trained killer and combat medic.

“I wonder if I will miss the opportunity of attacking the enemy when I was in the middle of it,” he told an FBI informant of his plan to go abroad.

Last week, a federal judge hit the 31-year-old with an 18-year sentence for providing ISIS material support.

But no one should feel gratified and move on.

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