Dems Hate Texas’ Rio Grande Border Barrier Because It Works

By Todd Bensman on August 10, 2023

AUSTIN, Texas – If I’ve learned anything studying and reporting about illegal immigration for 15 years, it’s this:

Champions of illegal immigration who don’t like a given new border-control measure will claim they never work. But when the activists really know – deep in their guts – that the idea will actually work too well, they’ll hard-charge political, propaganda and court campaigns to kill it.

Case in point: Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s new floating marine barrier.

Last month, Texas spent $1 million to lay the first thousand feet of the bright orange floating buoys, nets weighted to the river floor, on a high-traffic stretch of Rio Grande in Eagle Pass with plans to keep extending it for miles as necessary.

It will never work, illegal immigration proponents like Mexico’s president immediately yelled. Like Trump’s border wall, it’s a folly, they claimed.

Of course, they know that’s not true: The wall and water barrier are extremely effective, and that’s why they must stop it.


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