Biden Administration’s Secretive Air Deportation Flight Ops Working Magic at Southern Border Now Imperiled

By Todd Bensman on March 22, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas –  Secretive Biden Administration deportation airlift operations have sharply reversed a skyward trajectory of Venezuelans, Central Americans, Haitians, Brazilians and Ecuadorans who previously were illegally crossing the southern border in historic numbers. The dramatic outcomes of Biden’s massive air deportation operations, which I first reported got underway in August, are demonstrations that this illegal immigration-control tactic deters illegal border crossings. 

It seems clear that, without Biden’s secret air repatriation operation, the February total number of 164,973 immigrant encounters would have climbed from the already unacceptable stratosphere into the ionosphere. But the air repatriation program responsible for the suppression so far is in jeopardy. The flights were  predicated on the U.S. Code Title 42 pandemic control policy former President Trump rolled out and President Biden continued in a fashion, which provided for rapid expulsions. But now, Title 42 appears to be heading for the chopping block, maybe as soon as April 1, its bi-monthly renewal date. Axios recently reported the administration is preparing for a monumental next-phase surge in the already nationally historic mass migration crisis, with at least an additional 170,000 crossing attempts beyond the already huge 160,000-plus. 

Without Title 42 and the air deportations, that tidal wave could turn out to be far worse. As the Center for Immigration Studies has been reporting since December, the Biden administration in August 2021 targeted nationalities entering in the greatest congregations. It discretely began shipping tens of thousands of Central American families to airports in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador; thousands of Haitians back to Haiti, and most recently the Venezuelans, Ecuadorans and Brazilians back to their own countries. These were the nationalities whose numbers drove overall tallies that have become a political liability to Democrats facing mid-term elections. . . .

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