Batten Down the Hatches for a Category 5 Human Hurricane Barreling toward Border

By Todd Bensman on December 13, 2022

Every record in the annals of mass migration lays shattered after nearly two years of President Joe Biden's negligent stewardship of the American southern border.

Yet, unimaginably, in about a week's time it's going to get catastrophically worse. Total known illegal border crossings since President Joe Biden's inauguration stand at a record-breaking 4.4 million, with another 1.5 million estimated "got-aways" believed to have slipped into the country undetected.

Interior deportations are at the lowest number ever and the percentage of global nationalities crossing is at the highest percentage ever.

Still, this pandemonium of 7,000-9,000 illegal crossers caught every single day, 200,000-plus every single month for two years straight, is just a Category 3 hurricane on the mass-migration scale.

A Category 5 is barreling down on the United States with the scheduled December 21 lifting of "Title 42", the one last real impediment to a next-level crisis far beyond not just the American experience, but that of every nation in the developed world.

An unthinkable storm is gathering just off America's borders, portending a potentially permanent transformative impact on the country. And barring a last-minute, unlikely appeal by the Biden administration to delay the elimination of Title 42, America is forecast to take a direct hit. . . .

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